All My Life Essay

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All My Life
The Beginning
On the probably cold day of January 24th, 2002, I was born. All 8.5 pounds of me. And, my timeline started.

When my first birthday came around, it was awesome! I'm kidding. I can't remember much from when I was younger. The only thing I really remember is when I was two, and my grandmother gave me a Nemo pillow for a gift. She passed a few years back, when I was one or two. There's that. I'll try to be less depressing.

When I two, I did stuff. I have absolutely know idea what I did. I know I went to daycare every day.

More like daycares. I got booted from a boat-load of daycare centers when I was two and three. If I'm thinking right, I went to five or four ...view middle of the document...

Second grade was by far my favorite year. I had Mrs. Small, and I went on our first hunting trip with her husband, Mr. Small. It was a duck hunt, and Sheriff Grady Judd almost went with us. We went to E.P.C.O.T around Christmas time, and my dad went with us. That was the last time I rode the old Test Track.

Third grade was ok. I had Mrs. Merritt, and I met Dillon for the first time. That was also the first time I knew the park across the street was being built for the newly-opened middle school. Third grade was the first year of Mckeel moola, which was laminated pieces of paper. Oh what fun it was keeping track of pieces of paper on a daily basis.

Fourth grade was by far the worst year I've ever had. I had the ever-so-lovely Mrs. Giampaolo, and man, was she an awesome teacher! That was the first year I got a C on my report card, and also the first year I hated my teacher. Other than that, it was my last year in the elementary building, so that kept my hopes high. Another thing is that her son actually cursed me out one time. But, at the end of the year, we did go to Wonder-works over in Orlando, FL.

Now we get to last year. Or the first year I could wear a blue shirt. I had Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Campbell, and I started Cotillion. Hunter, Dillon, and I were in the same class, so that was REALLY good. Even though our...

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