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All My Sons By Arthur Miller: A Modern American Tragedy

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All My Sons by Arthur Miller produced by Scrappy Coco Productions, is based on the t modern representation of an American tragedy about the Keller family in 2010. Family man Joe Keller, a middle-aged, successful entrepreneur makes a decision which leads to tragic outcome. Under government contract he was to produce a fleet of Toyotas for members of the military. Joe approves the use of faulty parts on a production of these automobile’s resulting in the death of hundreds of military men. To protect his freedom Joe frames his business partner. With all that is going on, Joe’s wife mourns their deceased military son, his business partner’s daughter in soon approaching her marriage to his son ...view middle of the document...

The type of print ads that will be created are posters, flyers and ads in magazine and newspapers. The use of brand ambassadors will be used to distribute and put up posters throughout NY outside and within certain business’ like boutiques, salons, community centers, barbershops and bars. The flyers will also be physically distributed from brand ambassador to potential audience member. These posters and flyers will also be distributed in the neighborhoods of our demographics, and also areas people go for leisurely activities such as a bars, parks, community centers, educational institutions. To make it easier to distribute posters and flyers, we will use a form of mobile marketing. A vehicle wrapped in graphics promoting All My Sons will drive around college communities to target students, this will also be applied to areas that have a heavy concentration of our other two target audiences during the peak times of day such as morning, mid-day and early evening. The flyers and posters will have bar codes so that a person with a smartphone can scan it leading them to a website where they can purchase a discounted ticket. Those that do not have a smart phone can go directly to the website stated on the poster or flyer. Barcodes will be placed with the ads in magazines, but for the newspapers, a barcode may be difficult to be scanned, but a website to the discounted ticket will still be stated.
Another outlet that we believe will be efficient in marketing All My Sons to our demographics is Social Media. Some of the social media companies that we will make use of is Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Groupon, Living Social and other social media outlets with the option to purchase tickets at a reduce rates using a promotion code. This will be combined with the use of our print marketing
Radio Podcasts are another source of marketing that will helps us reach our demographic. Podcasts...

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