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All My Sons By Author Miller Discuss The Ways In Which The Characters

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All My Sons By Author Miller - Discuss the ways in which the characters
of Joe and Chris are presented in the play. mitigate. Go onto discuss
how a clash between them is inevitable.

1. Discuss the ways in which the characters of Joe and Chris are
presented in the play. mitigate

2. Go onto discuss how a clash between them is inevitable.

3. Discuss how the clash arises from the difference in their values.

As the play progresses, the characteristics, personality and values of
both Joe and Chris Keller are revealed slowly. At the beginning, Joe
is described as a rather popular man who is sociable and respected
among his friends. He enjoys spending time with his neighbors. He is
successful in his business; he gives us an impression of a pragmatic,
self-made, man among men. He is described as a good husband and a
loving, sensible father. He cares about his family and puts them at a
high priority.

However, his lack in education and a "peasant-like common sense"
resulted in his minimal insight and judgment of the world and the
things around him. Although he is not very bright, he is quite frank
about it and willing to admit it which is shown in a dialogue between
Joe Keller and Frank Lubey where Joe casually proclaimes: "When you
look at a page like this you realize how ignorant you are" when he was
reading the newspaper. From what he said, it also suggests that he is
also somewhat defensive about it.

His personality also led to much admiration from his friends and
family. At one point, Chris even made a nickname for his father,
calling him "Joe McGuts" This shows that he is still well respected
after the dramatic indecent with the cracked cylinder heads and how
other still think he pulled a fast one in getting himself exonerated.
However, some did not mind the incident such as Jim Bayliss, many
admire his courage and his shrewdness.

The way the Joe was presented also gives us an impression that he is
kindhearted and caring. He loves children and he is popular with them.
This is pointed out by how Bert, a child from the neighborhood loves
playing the Jail Game with Joe, however the purpose of Bert's role was
to be used as an instrument of pointing out that Joe has something to
hide and shows that something is not as it seems.

His righteous values are shown when he pointed out during another
dialogue with a friend of his. "Today a doctor could make a million
dollars if he could figure out a way to bring a way into the world
without a trigger finger." This shows that he loathes war and
conflict, but ironically these righteous values where suddenly out the
window during the cracked cylinder incident.

Joe also has very strong bonding with his family. The family plays an
enormous role in his life. It almost seems like the family is
everything to him, the motivator of his profession, possibly his life.
This is shown by a quote he said during the moments of despair towards
the end of the play:...

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