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After reviewing the items of “All of my Life” and eBay items as directed by the instructions for this assignment and compare and contrast the items.
Reviewing the items listed on “All of my Life” I then turned my attention to similar items on eBay. The items that captured my attention on “All of my life” was the comic books. Freyer did not appreciate the value of comic books. Freyer description of the comic books were subjective and other. He felt the comic books took up space but he didn’t have the heart to throw them out. Many items on eBay describing comic books are subject and injected with excitement. Freyer did not take the time to describe the comic books or arouse excitement about the purchase. Freyer stated this item was given.
The next item I viewed on “All of my Life” was the WWII Figures. These figures could be referred to as action figures. Freyer stated he has had these action ...view middle of the document...

Freyer stated this item was from his childhood and how the family came about obtaining this item.
The next figure I viewed was the iron metal horse. Freyer provides the background on these horse which authenticates them. Freyer does not state if the horses are in good condition or whom made them. Freyer does once again relates the description to his childhood memories and placing an occasional bet. Looking at the horses they appear to be in pristine condition. Freyer did not provide a description of the horse’s just memories from his childhood. Freyer allowed the picture to provide a description. The eBay description included colors, weight, and measurement and if it was a replica or vintage. EBay and Freyer provided authenticity of the item. Freyer provided the authenticity by giving the background information on the item. Freyer stated this item was from his childhood and how the family came about obtaining this item.

“All Of My Life” was a project and a gimmick for Freyer to sell his things. He did not try to get the most amount of money he could from the sale and it did not seem as though he even tried to make a profit. Sellers on eBay want to make a profit and aggressively market their items. I would probably buy from eBay over the “All of My Life” project and website. I like knowing just what I am getting and have the confidence if it is not right I can return it. I don’t feel “All of My Life” would give me the same return policy. I felt like the “All of My Life” was like an internet yard sale. “All Of My Life” is trying to reach people who shop at yard sales and likes gimmicks. EBay is a serious business. The only difference between a yard sale and “All of My Life” is that you cannot bargain with the seller to get the best price.
Both “All of My Life” and eBay rely on pictures to sell their products. Freyer drewed on his childhood experiences to reach his audience through emotion. EBay presented their items purely on the business sense. People looking for vintage toys or comics on eBay know what they want prior to searching for it. People shopping on “All of My Life” allowed impulse to drive their purchase.

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