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All Parents Should Be Taught About Child Development. Discuss.

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Child development is made of many factors such as physical, cognitive, moral, spiritual, beliefs, Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED). Parents are the first interaction a child will have with as when a child is born a bond will always be there between parents and a child. However, what parents do not know is that for a child to develop, they need all factors to develop which is why all parents should be taught about child development.
A child’s development is about the ‘process of maturation, or the biological developmental plan contained in our genes’ (Doherty, 2009, p6). For example, a parent may have a disability; it may pass to the child resulting in taking time to develop a child’s their physical development such as fine and gross motor skills as well as their social development as it may affect them by not socializing with any other children or parents. This is one of the reasons why parents should be taught about child development from parents as they may not be prepared for any problems that can occur through child development and the child may need holistic support.
All parents should be taught that the ‘heart of the relationship between parent and child is attachment’ (Doherty, 2008, p.395). For example, children create ‘emotional ties to special people who offer us comfort and in whose company we feel happiest’ (Doherty, 2008, p350). Although some children attached to their parents may create problems for when they are at different settings like school or if the parent has a job, parents should be taught this as a child develops from attachment as their emotional ties is developing the child’s emotional development as they feel happiest with who they are helping them experience feelings they may not have felt before such as happiness and sadness.
At times attachment can create a negative impact as some parents may argue that being taught attachment is not a good thing. For example, as infants mature into adulthood, the need or attachment figures lessens’ which may cause problems or parents as ‘infants feelings of anxiety and dread and expressions of love, influence our closest relationships throughout life’ (Pound, 2006, p.44). This explains that some parents may enjoy being attached to their child as it strengthens the child’s relationship with them as the child seeks comfort from them rather than a teacher or other family members.
‘All parents can learn new and effective strategies for supporting their child’s development, but not every parent is ready or willing to learn new strategies’ (Kaiser, 2003, p.12). For example, while ‘parent...

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