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All Stars Must Go Out Essay

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All Stars Must Go Out

The day I emerged was the same day as the Great Darkness, the first one since all was new. The other girls tell me that there was no sound, but I like to imagine there was. Our sky, with each resplendent girl lighting her section, suddenly filled with a crushing darkness that fell in with a soft swish. The panicked screams silenced by the muffling blackness, and the pure terror flowing through their veins. I was still in my asteroid and did not have my starlight, but that event caused the rock to open. They say a tendril of darkness crept over my asteroid’s inner light, the only light left, and touched my forehead. The dark left an onyx shadow over half my face and a ...view middle of the document...

How could I, the smallest star, and the one only there because of Lune harbor such evil thoughts! My life was saved by Lune, I owe everything to her! My heavy eyes shot open, and I threw myself forward. A piece of Dark was hovering over my bed, and trying to turn me to their side! I reached deep inside me, and looked for my light, and it was deeper than it had ever been. It took precious seconds, but I shoved my light above my head, and the dimness of it was not lost on me. A high pitched scream shook me awake, the Dark was gone and another girl was above my bed.
“Cinnead! Stop, stop, stop! It’s just me, Estrella!” The strange girl’s anguished cries reached my ears, and my light was no longer dim. My light filled the whole room, yet it was not the gentle white light of a Stargirl, it was instead a harsh red-tinged thing full of resistance. The wildness of it filled me, and I felt power rise through my core. I laughed with pleasure, knowing that this was true power. This true power came with pain though; silver light filled the room, and it burned where it touched me. The pain was pure agony, and it was turning my rebelious light into a mild-minded and pure thing. I felt a strong presence behind my torture, one that seemed familiar, and the pain had a strange warmth behind it. The throes of my change, for that was the only word my tormented brain could come up with for this sensation, grew to be too much; the world faded into blissful darkness.
“Cinnead… I know you can hear me.” I tear through the broken brush, only knowing I must get away from this voice. I stop and try to find a place to hide from this encroaching voice that seems to follow the patch of darkness behind me. My surroundings are bleak, with craggy cliffs on every side but the front. The small opening is even less inviting than a confrontation with the blackness, but I know it is the way I have to go. The small cleft seems to draw in on itself, and the small pool of stagnant water seems to suggest that something lives there. Before I can make my choice to stay or run, the darkness is upon me. I hear a long, wordless scream, a scream of fear and I cling to that sound like a lifeline when his voice drowns all else out.
“Cinnead, why do you run? I know you and I know your Dark thoughts. You can never hide from me, I was the one who marked you for greatness!”
His booming voice echoed through my mind, yet as I fell to the force of this power, another presence filled this strange emptiness in my mind. This new presence was comforting, and as I fell into its embrace, the voice gave one last push.
“Know that they are the enemy, and burn brightly, for one day you and all the others will burn out.”
I blink, and seeing two blurs in my vision, focus my eyes. One is badly burned, with black spreading across her face. The scorch mark expands in a grotesque imitation of spider webs, with red blotches underneath, and peeling skin around her steely gold eyes. Those eyes were filled with rage,...

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