All That Glitters Isn't Always Gold

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There are many ways to interpret the phrase: all that glitters isn’t always gold. We can apply it in scenarios that may seem wrong to some and correct to others. The fact that remains is that regardless of how you interpret the phrase, one thing remains; all that glitters isn’t always gold. The most accepted or popular meaning to the phrase is quite interesting. Not everything that looks precious turns out to be close to being it. This can apply to anything that you can think of.
There are plenty of things in this world that seem to be something they aren’t. This could be used for almost anything, and here’s a good example. The greener grass isn’t always the healthiest. You must look past the surface to determine if the grass is healthy or not. One cannot simply label grass as healthy only by judging its appearance. To me this phrases are just metaphors for something bigger. I am not trying to explain how grass can be greener, but not healthier. Nor am I trying to demonstrate how things can shine or glitter, yet not be gold.
The definition of a beautiful person is very distorted. Most humans look at people they believe to be beautiful different from how they look at things that glitter. They fail to realize that just because they shine or glitter in the outside doesn’t make them gold. Just because they appear pleasing to our aesthetic senses doesn’t make them beautiful.
Some people define a beautiful person as one that puts make-up on and fill their faces with color. Others believe that a beautiful person is one that dresses in nice pricey clothes from the latest trends and designers. Some of us define a beautiful person as someone who’s physically appealing to our sight regardless of his or her style, wardrobe choices or personality. The dictionary on the other hand defines a beautiful person as someone with a face or body that is generally pleasing to our eyes.
If I were to believe the dictionary definition of a beautiful person I would have to accept that all glittery things are gold. Not everyone that’s pleasing to the eye is a beautiful person. In fact, most people who are considered beautiful are far from being so.
Being physically attractive or appealing to the eye doesn’t make you a beautiful person in my books. In my books a beautiful person is someone whose personality overshadows their physical appearance. Someone whose personality is pleasing and beautiful regardless of his or her looks is a beautiful person.
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