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All That Is Needed Is Inside

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On Saturday nights, most cities come alive. Roads, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, concert venues, movie theaters and many more nighttime destinations fill to capacity. However, occasionally a person just does not want to bother with the hustle and bustle of the city life. In the past it remained questionable how one may spend the evening at home, without having to venture out for supplies to keep entertained. That was before Netflix. Its convenience, value, ease of use, and available features together make Netflix the perfect way to spend a night in.
Available for a little over the past decade, Netflix is a service that allows subscribers to view films and television shows in the comfort of their own homes, without ever stepping out to rent or buy them. Originally exclusively a DVD delivery by mail service, Netflix now allows subscribers to stream movies and television shows instantly via the internet directly to their home computers, internet enabled televisions, enabled Blu-ray players, internet television streaming boxes, smartphones, tablets, and several gaming systems with internet connectivity. With the touch of a button, subscribers are able to watch their movie of choice, without ever leaving their seats from around the globe. Netflix also continues to provide a DVD by mail service, which delivers movies and television shows directly to patrons’ mailboxes. At a separate cost, the DVD service can be subscribed to in addition to the streaming service or the subscription may be purchased apart from the streaming service, if preferred.
Netflix is a low cost option for in-home entertainment. Remarkably priced at only $7.99 per month, bearing in mind how many movies may possibly be viewed in such time period, the unlimited streaming service is an incredible value. Unfortunately, more recent titles are often sooner available through higher-priced cable or satellite services and other streaming subscription services which may be found at comparable rates. However, although the newest titles or episodes may not be immediately available for streaming, Netflix is able to bring tens of thousands of titles to users’ fingertips for commercial-free instant viewing. This is not always the case with other services on the market. Furthermore, if newer titles are desired, the DVD by mail service ranges in price from only $4.99 for one DVD per month to $19.99 for unlimited rentals per month with a max of three titles at one time. Titles are generally available four weeks after the original DVD release date. There are no late fees, so subscribers are able to keep titles as long as they please, without paying any more than the monthly subscription rate. In comparison, a DVD rental from Redbox currently charges per DVD rented, and in the event that a rental is not returned by the set time the next day, an additional daily charge is applied to the renter’s credit card.
With such a low price, one may perhaps jump to the conclusion that Netflix would be...

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