All The Small Things Blink 182 English Essay

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Chloe Wightman
All the Small Things – Music Video Analysis
The All the Small Things music video was released in 2009 on YouTube, 10 years after the song was initially released in 1999. The song was originally created for the purpose of being that one “catchy and basic” song that every artist releases. The video was initially a mockery of the song, them and other artists. The music video references multiple artists from their music videos. The Backstreet Boys – I want it that way, Britney Spears – Sometimes, NSYNC, Ricky Martin and The Ramones. Blink-182 is an alternative rock band who became extremely popular in the 90’s, the audience ranges from people who were listening to them in their prime years and people who discovered them in later years. This music video is very complex in its meaning, it has a lot of different elements and doesn’t really have one fixed theme. During the beginning of the music video there is a scene where they’re all standing by a private plane. This is almost identical to The Backstreet Boys’ – I Want It That Way.
In the music video it also references Britney Spears – Sometimes, in a dance. It uses this as a mockery about Britney Spears. It is not the only music video referenced, many other artists were created as a mockery during their music video and in their career even.
This music video is aimed at people of the 90’s who understood and saw the videos for the songs/videos mentioned. An understanding of the people or style of the artists would help people understand the meaning of the music video. Blink-182 are renowned for their mockery about people and artists. This song was made to mock and copy artists. In the hook of the song, the “Na Na…’s” is from multiple of the Ramones songs. Tom DeLonge said that he wanted to include something about the Ramones because they were one of his favourite bands. People of modern day would not have known about Britney Spears older songs, The Ramones or N’Sync. It was...

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