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All We Know Essay

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At the end of 2016, the Hoover Dam’s systems were overtaken by a foreign intelligence agency, and it was shut down. Within a couple days all other dams in the United States were closed by presumably the same group. It was later identified (through deep analysis) that the Germans had used our weakly secured internet access to gain control of these facilities and shut them down.
Because of the widespread panic in the country of what could possibly happen next, people felt extreme actions needed to be taken. The decision was made on the first of the year. From then on, all activities within the country of the U.S.A. relating to internet communications would be monitored. Every piece of data that was entering or leaving the country was subject to a scan of contents before being delivered. This day is now widely known as the last day of our freedom.
When the idea was first presented to be voted upon in the house, many people were scared that it ...view middle of the document...

M., and would you like to hear the latest news?” I stretched, and finally said “Sure”. The alarm clock was silent, so I glanced at it in confusion. “I’m sorry Dave.” The clock said in a soft tone. “There appears to be no internet signal.” Even more confused now, I stared at the clock face and made sure I wasn’t dreaming.
I quickly got out of bed, and went into the living room to check on the news. When I opened up the channel list it pulled up an internet error also. "Darn" I thought, "think Dave, think!" After a minute I remembered about the free channels. For the first time since I bought my TV, I had to manually set up the channel I wanted to watch. "Archaic junk" I muttered to myself. How people only lived with this is beyond me.
Finally getting a signal, I soaked in everything the local news channel knew. Everyone had lost access. Riots were starting to break out across the country because the government apparently had lost control of the access also. Then, all of a sudden, every channel and even the radio in my house started blaring the emergency tone. "Attention all citizens!" A male voice clearly in stress blasted. "Our country's defense systems have been taken over by a foreign power." " It is strongly advised that heavily populated areas be evacuated." The message stated some safety measures, then started repeating itself. Then the president appeared on the screen, his voice in stress, sweat beading and rolling off of his face. In the background you could clearly see that he was in an bunker of some sort. "Dear Americans," he began to say. "I apologize for......" Then the TV became static, and the power surged. Everything turned off.
I began to hear cries of surprise outside, so I looked out of my window. The cars in the street had stopped moving, and an electric car further down the road was smoking profusely. I then knew what had happened. We had been EMP’d by our own country’s weapons. After a couple hours of people running around in a chaotic mess, planes began to fly in. So ran inside and grabbed my binoculars to see who they belonged to. To my dismay, when I zoomed in on the planes flying in, they all had swastikas on their tail fins. Moments later I heard explosions, and everything went black.

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