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(A discussion on how the people in a terrible time people get tough.)
When the storms hit everything was lost. All the farmers lost their farms, because they couldn't grow enough food. Many people were put out on the street and were forced to make a decision, move or die. Where these people lived was owned by the bank and they were no longer welcome. There was nothing they could do, so they decided to head west. West, held California and jobs for the people who came. The Joad’s were one of these families. Everything they knew was gone and it was time for them to leave. Once, Tommy showed up, the family knew it was the time to leave. There was an assortment of people. There were old, young, tall, short, sinner and preacher. Their differences, however, didn't separate their goal. They needed to survive and in order to do that they had to move on. There was no longer any reason to stay. The soil was shot and their farm was gone. They had to look to the future. These characters are all unique, but one has exception courage and faith. She has to lead the family, because she is the rock. While all the others faltered she stood strong. Ma Joad had to take action and be the strength or they would have never made it to California. When watching Grapes of Wrath, Ma Joad became my favorite character for three reasons: she pushed the family to go to California, she accepted her fate, and she let her son go.
During Grapes of Wrath Ma Joad pushed her family to California at all cost. When the Joad family left, they took all that could be put onto their truck. However, no matter how you look at what they did, it was sad. They try to keep a positive attitude, but they were leaving their home. Ma got in the car and didn't look back. She knew that she had to find a way to survive. A way to help her family survive. In the process, she lost some her loved ones, but she had to continue on. Within a few days after leaving, grandpa died. Instead of giving him a proper burial they had to bury him on the side of the road. It was until just before reaching California you realize how much she had to give up. At the last stop, she told the check off people a lie. She told them that grandma was sick. And in an essence she was, but what they didn't know was that she was dead, Ma was sad, but she knew that her family could not be turned away. They had to make it to California and this was her sacrifice. They buried her in California. Ma tried and pushed. She knew that there was no longer a home in Oklahoma and they had to make it to California in order for her family to make. She sacrificed a lot, but she would have sacrificed everything if had saved just one member of her family.
Ma Joad accepted her fate, but didn't let it diminish her drive while traveling in Grapes of Wrath. Throughout her time in California, she suffered so much. Every where she went, there were people trying to make it harder for her to survive. There was no kindness. She accepted this. She knew she...

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