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"All You Need Is Love" Essay

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“Across the Universe,” a generational, as well as personal, 1960s musical epic set to Beatles tunes, tells the story of Jude, a young Liverpool dock worker, and Lucy, a clean-cut American, who meet up in New York City. It is their love story, as well as the story of the 1960s, that enchants the audience. Events such as the Vietnam War, the Detroit civil rights riots, and the hippie movement are featured as turning points in the story. This film brings the spirit of an era to a whole new generation. “Across the Universe” makes an important statement about the sixties culture, and how it may pertain to today’s issues, while also creating an accurate, vivid portrait of that influential time period through extremely believable acting, music that moves the story along and draws the viewer into the characters’ world, and astoundingly vibrant cinematography.One of the most obvious, and most important, criteria for deciding whether or not a movie is “good” is acting. Without the believability of the characters and their world, viewers cannot engage themselves fully in the film. The actors must completely become their characters on the screen. The actors in “Across the Universe” accomplished this fantastically. Parts of the film are taken straight from history, and are, therefore, not so difficult to believe, but other sections are totally fictional, and often, completely impossible. So, without the actors immersing themselves as absolutely as they did in their roles, much of the film would have been so unbelievable that it would have been a turn-off rather than an enhancement to the story. The actors in this movie have a particularly challenging job simply because of the story of the film. They must serve as representations for the youth of the sixties, or more specifically, the counter-culture youth of the sixties, for a generation of young people who weren’t there and never experienced it. As is mentioned above, this film raises issues of the sixties that are of particular interest again today. For example, many of the complaints against the Vietnam War could easily be applied to the Iraq War; therefore, the actors in “Across the Universe” had to bridge the generational gap between then and now. For example, Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Lucy in the film, beautifully captures the spirit of the sixties. Her character is an impassioned anti-war activist, and she brings it to life with extreme energy. But, on the other hand, she still seems like the kind of person you could meet nowadays and befriend. Stephen Holden of the New York Times said, “If the young lovers are familiar ’60s archetypes, the actors’ natural performances…allow the characters to transcend the generic. When Lucy, gazing at Jude, sings ‘If I Fell’ very slowly, in a sweet, trembling voice, she is one girl worriedly fantasizing about one boy” (New York Times).Another feature of the film,...

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