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Who Is Allen Iverson? Essay

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Who is Allen Iverson? Allen Iverson is a former National Basketball Association (NBA) player. He had a difficult childhood but that didn’t stop him from making his dream a reality. He worked hard and became a professional basketball player.
Allen Iverson was born to Allen Broughton and Ann Iverson on June 17, 1975 in Hampton Virginia. He came from a troubled background. His mother raised him and his two half-sisters by herself. The family would have to go without heat or electricity because they could not pay the bills. Allen’s situation in school was not much better. His grades were poor and he had attendance problems. Part of it may have been because of his lack of interest in his studies, but he also had family obligations. “Sometimes he had to stay home to take care of his half-sister Iiesha while his mother was working.”
When Allen entered high school he was thinking about the possibility of playing professional sports. He wanted to get his mother and sister out of the projects. He started on the football and basketball teams his freshman year. As he got older his skills improved. He played several different positions in football. He ran the offense as quarterback and also played defensive back and kick return. His sophomore year he intercepted 14 passes and received all-state honors as defensive back. His junior year he lead the football team to a state championship. Later that year his basketball team also won state.
On February 13, Iverson’s junior year he and some friends went to Circle Lanes Bowling Alley. They got into a fight with an all white group of males that were calling them racial slurs. Some innocent by standers were seriously injured during the scuffle. Charges were filed against Iverson and his friends, but not the other group because they acted in self defense. On September 8, 1993 Iverson was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, with ten years suspended. Due to protests and appeals Iverson was granted conditional clemency, and he was released.
Iverson chose to go to Georgetown University to play basketball and continue his education. His coach was named john Thompson. Iverson’s mother thought that Thompson would help...

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