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Alliance Strategy As A Mutual Benefit Strategic Sourcing

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The increasing number of the Indonesian population, inevitably triggering the increasing demand of electricity. Electricity becomes staples in various sectors, ranging from the fulfillment of household needs to supply to the industrial sector which become the movement of the economy of Indonesia and becomes one of the factors attracting investors to invest in Indonesia. Indonesian Economy shows increasing growth rate. Indonesia will take an advantage of economic growth to reach 6.5%. In terms of competitiveness, according to the global competitiveness index (GCI) 2012, Indonesian level scored rank 50 out of 144 countries. Even though this data shown to decrease if compared with GCI 2011, which ranked at 44.

According to statistical report of PLN (owned state electricity company) 2011, the development of national electricity was affected by national economic growth and stability. With the growth of national reached 6.5%, it was triggering the growth of electricity as much as 9.8%. The average growth of the national electricity in the next ten years is estimated at 9.2% per year. The greatest electrical growth estimated to occur in the eastern Indonesia reaches 10.6% per year, in the western Indonesia 10.2% while Java and Bali electricity is predicted 8,97% per year. Whereas in the distribution to customers, it is estimated in the next ten years there will be an increase of customers as many as 25.9 million customers.

In addition to be good news for Indonesia, the economic growth and national stability are also the readiness signal to settle and to prepare for the growth and competition further. It takes a good strategic planning in the fulfillment of the future needs, including in terms of the fulfillment of the national electricity supply.

To increase installed capacity of power plant, Indonesian government via state owner electricity company (PLN) built 10.000 MW power plant scattered through out Indonesia. This project is issued on Precidencial Decree No 71 Year 2006. Almost of power plant is build by China contractor, using Chinese engineering standard and almost of component coming from China. In the other hand, Indonesian government with Precidential Decree No 28 Year 2008 about Industrial Policy also state that the local content in industrial like Power Plant must be increased. So what the technical approach can be done by PLN in this case ??


PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) is one of the aircraft manufacturing companies in Indonesia. The main product of the company is aircraft, aircraft spare part and aircraft service. The tight of competition in aerospace industry needs to improve its performance to gain niche market. On November 2012, PT DI signed an agreement with Airbus Military (Spain Aircraft Producer) to build turboprop aircraft named NC 212.

Strategic alliance is classified into stakeholder support, matching strategic,...


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