Allie And Jane’s Impact On Holden

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In J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, The main character Holden, is a lost individual that has certain people that have immense impact on his life although they never appear in the novel. Holden’s Journey starts when he runs away from his school and travels to New York City. In the city he has many experiences with girls and other people that eventually make him realize home is where he needs to be. Holden finally decides to go home to his family and especially to see his sister, Phoebe. Allie and Jane are two characters that Holden talks in thinks about a good amount in the novel, and because of it they impact his thoughts as well as his behaviors throughout his time in New York City, and ...view middle of the document...

Holden factors Allie a lot into his decision making, in the sense that with the things he does, he thinks about how it is unfair that Allie could not do this stuff and that leads to his guilt and sometimes causes him not to do things. Allie has an immense impact on holden because he brings him guilt, but also reminds him of his family.
Another character in the novel that has immense impact on Holden is Jane. Jane also does not appear in the novel. Jane is a girl from Holden’s past, that he really likes and is one of the only girls he has special feelings for. He remembers her first because his old roommate Stradlater was going to take her on a date, and this surprised Holden. He became very emotional when remembering Jane. When Stradlater mentions her, he replies with, “Jane Gallagher,” I said. I even got up from the washbowl when he said that. I damn near dropped dead. “ Youre damn right I know her. She practically lived right next door to me, the summer before last. she had this big damn Doberman pinscher. That’s how i met her . Her dog used to keep coming over in our-” (31). Holden really reacted to Stradlater and that is rather uncharacteristic of Holden to be so fired up about something. He later tells us the feelings he had for the girl and how she ultimately affects his decisions. One example of her impact on Holden while he is in the city is when he was about to call Faith Cavendish and all of a sudden thinks of calling Jane and has this elaborate plan to call her with. It seems as though every time Holden has a situation that deals with sex and females, he seems to always think about Jane. It seems as though, especially with the prostitute, that one reason he did not have sex with her was because he was thinking about Jane because, he is the first girl he ever really liked. When it comes to anything involving sex or females, Holden always subconsciously thinks of Jane, and that immensely impacts the decisions he makes.
In the novel, neither Jane nor Allie appear. They only appear in the form of Holden’s memory. Both of these characters impact not only Holden’s feelings and emotional state, but they also greatly impact the decisions he makes throughout the...

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