Allied Health Management And Customer Service

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Just the term Allied Health Management sounds confusing to me. I look at those words and I have to wonder what kind of jobs fall under that title, and how will customer service play into my career. Searching for a job title and the details in involved in said job title was tricky. Just looking up Medical and Health Service managers showed 112 sample job titles that fall under that one listing. If I was not worried before just seeing that number had me going into a bit of a worry phase. I wondered how I am supposed to know which one field would be right for me when I am just trying to get through school. I do not want to focus too much on the future when I am worried about taking an accounting class for the first time. I know I have to though because I need to set myself a goal for the future to see what I can have at the end of all the hard work that I am doing now. According to BLS employment in Medical and Health management is expected to grow 16% from 2008-2013 faster than the average. BLS as of 2011 showed that the average salary seems to be $45.86, however those starting out in this field can see an hourly wage of $27/hr. and up to $69/hr. Yearly those starting out can see up to $56,500/yr. and up to $142,670/yr.

With this information at hand I went ahead and glanced through those 112 job titles to find ones that interested me, and I did find a few that I would like to look into more. Some jobs of course will need more education, but of the ones that fit my qualifications those jobs will have me using skills that I have learned from this class. This class has taught me customer service skills and in some of the jobs listed I may not have to deal with customers face to face; however these skills will come to use when dealing with supervisors, peers, subordinates, and the occasional customer from time to time. The one thing one the site did mention was for all of those jobs that 91 out of 100% communications will be an important part of the job. Communication with supervisors, peers, and subordinates is where these skills will come into play. The way I would interact with a supervisor may not be the same way I would interact with a peer or subordinate. My verbal and nonverbal communication will have to reflect whatever point I am trying to make be it in a phone call or through e-mail.

Now this next part is going to bring both my customer service class and my principle of management classes together. I feel strongly about customer service in the medical field. People come to hospitals and clinics because they are ill or someone they love is ill. They are nervous, scared, worried, or anxious. The first person they see sitting behind that desk may be a nurse or even a medical assistant but it is that person who is the beginning of their experience with customer service. If we don’t greet them with a smile or acknowledge them when they come in they don’t feel like they are important. No matter how much work we may have or what interoffice...

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