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Allow Guns In A Country Essay

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There are a lot of problems around the world that has not been solved until now from the past. One of those issues is gun issues. There are countries that allow guns, such as America, and countries that restrict guns, such as South Korea and China. There are also neutral countries like that all countries do not agree on, and therefore has not been resolved. Although some countries like South Korea and China are restricting guns, it is more effective for countries to allow guns to citizens according
Firstly, making a law or using any way to restrict guns is no use, in parts of restricting the gun amounts and decreasing the crime rates. People who want guns will still obtain them, whatever way they can, such as in like the Black Market. Let’s just say a country passes a law to prohibit guns anywhere in the country. But in this case, they are prohibiting only legal gun shops. The focus on this sentence is “legal”. That means guns will still be hold of people who want them, by illegal means like the Black Market. Also, it is not the guns or small weapons that are menacing to people. It is the people who commit all those crimes menacing to people. According to the “Gazette Times: Restricting guns will not be any use-there still will be madmen”, the Gazette Times reported that even if the whole world bans guns, crime rates will not deter because the people who want to harm others will find other ways of harming them, so therefore, if we want to deter crime rates, we have to first try fixing people who have intentions to harm others. Let’s also take an example of Switzerland. Switzerland is a country which 4-5 million of people have guns, and the whole population is 8 million. Even if more than half of the population has guns, their crime rates are significantly low. It is because the people who own guns do not intend to use firearms for harming others but for patriotic duties. Before any other country restricts guns to either deterring the crime rates or just for safety, they should think of these kinds of points where there still will be no use banning them.
Secondly, guns are needed for protection. This world that we are living nowadays is not a safe world. For example, one of the reporters of the “Time”, David Stout said that there was recently a rape committed in India, and currently, India is one of the countries which restrict guns by law. Foreigners cannot own guns inside...

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