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Allure: Can It Be Read At Face Value?

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Since the dawn of time, beauty or what it should or should not be has been influenced by civilization. “Beauty” depicted what is or is not acceptable. No matter what one person prefers, people still struggle to reach the ideal image set forth by varying factors. “Beauty” according to is “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else,” if this is the case why do people not abide by that? () “Beauty” is an intangible obsession that has yet to be explored properly. Is “beauty” really in the eye of the beholder?” Why do women feel the need to be “beautiful?” “Beauty” is a strong factor in women’s lives, but they do not control it; nature, race, and society depict what “true beauty” is, and because of those things a great percentage of women are insecure.
Nature has the strongest connection to the ideology of “beauty.” In the biological standpoint, everything in nature is beautiful. Somehow, certain types of humans fail to meet that norm, according to other so call superior humans. Why is that the case when humans are a product of nature? “Beauty” is taught to be complex, but humans sometimes do not understand that idea. Children are taught to accept people no matter how their outward appearance may look. Yet when they reach the adolescent years that is when they become bullies and attack people based on their appearances. Nature vs. nurture contributes greatly to the insecurity women feel. The household a woman is raised in has a vast influence on how they will view themselves in the future. If she is subject to abuse because she is not the perfect picture of “beauty”, she will become self-conscious. Abuse poses a terrible conundrum on the female psyche. Coming from another type of abuse myself, I can verify that to be true. No matter how hard a woman may attempt to forget the abuse, it still lingers in her mind forever. If parents do not inform their daughter that she is in fact “beautiful no matter what”, they will develop self-hatred. Parents are supposed to be the ones who will love them unconditionally no matter how cute or unattractive they maybe. The reality is nurture over rules nature, because a little girl cares more about how her parents view her than nature.
Furthermore, why is there such a stigma towards natural beauty? People are constantly demanding to see natural beauty, but are they prepared for it? It seems as if people are afraid of the “inner” instead of the “outer”. ““Inner” and “outer” make sense only with reference to a mediating boundary that strives for stability,” with that being said by Butler, if leaves one to wonder why people must focus on “outer” so intensely. () Natural beauty is one of the most amazing things one can ever experience. Most women feel their best when they are lounging around in boyshorts and a...

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