Almaty And The Two Tourist Pearls Of Republic Of Kazakhstan.

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Everybody in this world likes to talk about his/her home country. My home country is very far from USA; it is about 18 hours of flight from here and is located almost in the middle of Eurasia. In this essay, I will talk about the young Republic of Kazakhstan. Before becoming an independent Republic in 1991, Kazakhstan was a part of the Soviet Union. At that time, the capital of RK was Almaty city. Later in 1997, the capital was moved to Akmola city, which was renamed to Astana in 1998.
I would like to tell more about Almaty City and about the two most important places for me. A lot of people from different parts of the world come to this city during a winter-spring season. Almaty is a big city with a large number of people. It was the official capital of Kazakhstan until December 1997. Mr. Nazarbaev, the president of Kazakhstan, had said: "Almaty City is a gold cradle of the Kazakhstan statehood. This is a jack from which our independence has flied up, and Kazakhstan became known to all world community". And this is true. Even Mary Hemingway, wife of the great writer, had named Almaty the most beautiful city in the world. Here, in Almaty, are the beautiful pyramidal of poplars, the great panorama of mountain ridges covered with eternal snows, and constantly murmuring streams, bringing desired freshness during hot seasons. The city is surrounded by natural apple, cherry and apricot gardens; the mountains surrounding the city are covered with unique Tien-Shan's fur-tree that grows only here, in foothills of Zailijsky Ala Tau. Vicinities of Almaty are a fine balneological resort. If you travel several tens of kilometers from Almaty, you would be able to hear concerts of the unique natural phenomenon such as "singing barchans ", which you can also hear in Africa, Hawaiian Islands and in some countries of the American continent. In Almaty city, there is a very popular international mountaineering camp "Khan Tengri"; the camp is a starting point of ascensions to the highest mountain of Kazakhstan - peak of Khan Tengri (6995m). In vicinities of the city, only 10-15 minutes by car, there are two unique places of the global value: high-mountain skating rink "Medeo" and mountain-skiing base "Chimbulak".
Many people prefer to get out of town and enjoy the nature after a hard working day. It's easy enough to do because of the close proximity of Medeo. The skating rink was constructed in 1972 at the picturesque gorge, only 16 km from Almaty. Medeo is the world's largest high-mountain winter sports complex. The skating rink is at the place 1700 meters above the sea level. Medeo is located at the height of 1520-1750 meters above the sea level in a valley of the river Small...

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