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Almost Heaven Essay

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As I close my eyes my mind drifts back to my younger years when I didn’t have a care in the world, some of my earliest memories are that of a tiny blue-collar community nestled deep in the hollers of Clarksburg, West Virginia. I can still picture the luscious green farm meadows with rolling hills that seemed to touch that beautiful blue sky with the ever present fluffy marsh mellow clouds floating by peacefully as if to mind its own business. High up on the corner of the hill overlooking the railroad tracks, that legend has John Henry helped build sits the maple tree my late grandpa planted back in the late spring of 1917, when he was just a young lad of seven years old. While gazing out ...view middle of the document...

As Mr. Panther peered down over his thick dark framed glasses, his face would light up with a smile, as he would kindly ask, “You boy’s ready to help me mow the pasture?” to which Steve and me would quickly reply “yes sir”.
Making our way out of the house by way of the back porch, Mr. Panther always insisted on checking his cherry red tomato plants, in his neatly manicured white picket fence garden, while pulling off those fuzzy black caterpillars. But rather than throw the caterpillars back out to Mother Nature, he always put the caterpillars in an old Hills Brothers coffee can he kept under the shed. After that we would walk slowly down the dirt path that led to his barn. Upon entering the dark, musky smelling barn he would hop up on the tractor and turn this switch and pull that knob and after about two or three turns of the key the old tractor would finally crank to life. What a beautiful sight and sound it always was, as Steve and I anxiously waited to board that huge tractor. The dark greyish, black smoke would billow from the front of the tractor, as the tractor idled loudly with confidence. “Come on boy’s” Mr. Panther would holler out, while leaning forward to pull us up on the tractor with those tough calloused hands of his.
As the tractor would slowly creep from the barn, Steve and I would be grinning from ear to ear in shrill excitement just hoping that some pretty neighborhood girls would see us on the tractor, as if...

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