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Alms... Anyone??? Essay

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Alms... Anyone???Beggars in the streets, leaflets and letters asking for help and donations, charitable groups and institutions... Everytime we encounter situation like this, most of us think "Why should I help these people? All of these are mere propagandas and gimmicks. They are old enough to help themselves. I have my own needs and earning a living today is difficult and I'm sure that if I gave something it will not reach the persons who really need help.Maybe those who are rich can help them." But is this the way God wants it to be? Are they really asking only money or something other than that? Are they really strong enough and do not need help from anyone? The answer... NO.I could not blame others if they do not believe to these people. Nowadays, there are some who use these people for their own benefits, such as syndicates and fake charitable institutions. There are also some beggars who act violently if you give them a small amount of alms. Some people think thay they could get diseases from these untidy people. Most streetchildren use the alms given to them to buy rugby, cigarettes and to finance their vices yet other beggars use it to at least buy some food for their family. Anti-vagrancy law was also implemented in our country prohibiting people to give alms.Economic crisis in our country today really worsen the life of everyone. We are having difficulties to support our basic needs and we can't afford to lose a sinhle peso if we will give alms. We are also to busy improving the quality of life we have. But let me go back to my question, " Is this God wants it to be?", definitely, NO. He wants us to care to these people. He expects us to let these people feel that they are not considered as outcast but beloved. It is right to know the persons that we are going to help so that we can assure that we are helping those who really need help. But it is not justifiable to generalize them because of the above situations. We should not close our mind to the possibility that some of these people are begging not because of propagandas but because they are under a situation between life and death. What if we are mistaken with our judgements? Are we going to sacrifice lives before being open-minded?Another is that we always procrastinate helping. Imagine that God procrastinate SALVATION, maybe all of us are suffeirng from the fire of hell because of our sins. I often hear people say, " I'll help them when I have excess money or goods." " Is that what we could give them, EXCESS?". In other words, we will give them our "leftovers", the things which are not useful to us anymore. What if we became succeessful and we have all the wealth in life and we have time to help the needy people, but unfortunately they are gone, ,aybe we will live a life full of REGRETS. We are always pointing out to the rich people to help them. It seems that these needy people are waiting for a GOOD SAMARITAN most of their lives and help them without hesitation. Who could be...

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