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Alone Essay

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Every time when I see a pumpkin, I would remember the Halloween decorations in Ocean Park; its Haunted House especially comes to my mind. I could still vividly remember Halloween two years ago; I went to Ocean Park with two of my friends. The Park was fully decorated with pumpkins and spiders. Some clowns and 'witches' were also wandering around to let people take photos of them. After I went to the toilet, I found my friends had disappeared! I felt sure that they had gone in to the direction of the Haunted House. In order to catch up with them, I went into the Haunted House.It was totally dark inside. A few candles were hanging on the wall. I thought I could escape out from the house very soon because I knew it was not big at all. I could hear the ticking of the clock clearly, even I when spoke I could hear the echo of my voice very clearly. I then kept walking but I could not find anyone inside the house. At that moment, I knew I was alone in the Haunted House. I started to feel scared. Suddenly I saw a Siamese cat like shadow starting to approach me and I ran but I accidentally touched something unpleasant. It was a skeleton with suit on but without a head! Some sticky things started to came off from its neck and I could smell something really pungent. It was the smell like decaying body! I also saw blood dripping off from the top. When I looked up, there were four vampires with squeaky and high voices singing 'In this town, do we love it now, everybody's waiting for the next surprise.' I could identify with this song, which came from a film called 'The nightmare before Christmas'. That really horrified me.I then kept on running and tumbled...

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Home alone Essay

939 words - 4 pages was as boring as ever. Mara and Vicky teased me mercilessly and I had obtained yet another F in Maths. However, when I got home, I found a note saying that my mum was out and that Dad was to arrive from work soon. I was home alone. I was not home alone very often and so the idea was thrilling. Should I make myself a huge, dripping peanut butter and jelly sandwich or should I prank call Vicky and Mara? I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the

Never Alone Essay

1282 words - 6 pages . Very few people are happy as solitaries, and they tend to be seen by their neighbors as peculiar or selfish or worse. Most people cannot stand being alone for long. They are always seeking groups to belong to, and if one group dissolves, they look for another. We are group animals still, and there is nothing wrong with that.” (Lessing 334). Such as many other animals do, us as human beings usually act or are part of a group. Not only does

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965 words - 4 pages Living alone is an aspiration of most teenagers. However, the legal age to live alone in the United Sates is 18. Some may say that 18 is a good age, and even say it should be lowered. But, recent researches have shown that a teen’s brain is not developed as earlier believed. It may be something a teenager wants to do, but is not ready for. Teenagers do not have the ability to live alone before, or at, the age of 18. Being a ‘teenager’ is said

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830 words - 3 pages Married To Be Alone? Although marriage is the symbol of two lives¡¦ union, in the real world many people experience it in the opposite way. Gloria Steinem says: ¡§The surest way to be alone is to get married.¡¨ In ¡§The Story of an Hour¡¨ by Kate Chopin, we can certainly realize how well the author describes the loneliness of a marriage. There is another short story that also reflects the same point of view in a relationship; it is William

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1177 words - 5 pages My favorite hymn is “In Christ Alone.” By most standards it is a modern hymn. While many Christian hymns date back to the early church, the two songwriters of “In Christ Alone” began work in 2000 and completed their work two years later. Although it lacks historical prestige, this hymn’s grandeur, strong lyrics and musical melody elevate it to a status often only given the ancient songs. “In Christ alone” is undoubtedly a very influential hymn

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1442 words - 6 pages Being alone is sublime, but being lonely is melancholy. When you are alone, you have the temporary feeling of being concealed in your own happiness. You give yourself a chance to focus on yourself and nobody else. While you still have the benefits of having luxuries in life, you can spend time with yourself whenever you wish. People who are alone lead happy, bright lives. They have great friends, perfect families, and excel at everything they

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1925 words - 8 pages mornings before school we would see her is if she forgot to leave lunch money out and we would have to knock on her door as she got ready for work to get it from her. And boy, what a catastrophe that was, we were not suppose to knock on her door for anything not even lunch money, let alone if the house was fire. It was a complete violation to disturb her whether she was busy or not.Growing up I always seemed to be craving her love and affection but

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834 words - 4 pages "Just leave me alone!" I screamed to my caretaker as I walked into my room. "Can you just listen to me?" Amanda, my caretaker, said in a soft voice. She started walking to my door. "How many times do I have to tell you? I DO NOT WANT TO GET ADOPTED!" I slammed the door in her face and locked it. "Don't you want a new started? After everything that happen to you?" "No! I'm perfectly fine." "Just give them a try. They won't hurt you

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702 words - 3 pages In the book Lord of the Flies, there are little kids left alone on an island. As you can imagine things take a turn for the worst. Kids get killed; they are turning on each other, and turning native. The boys didn’t realize what their actions caused on the island, and it was sad because kids get killed. A lot of things go wrong on the island, but there are the top three reasons why. The things that go wrong on the island are that they are

Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

795 words - 4 pages The poem “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe depicts the personal life and challenges Poe faced as a child. The poem begins with Poe explaining how he knew he was different from other children. A quote that clearly portrays this would be, “From childhood's hour I have not been/ As others were-- I have not seen” (Poe ll. 1-2). Poe goes on to explain how he felt abandoned and severed from his peers, stating “And all I lov'd-- I lov'd alone” (Poe 8). I

Analysis of "Alone" by Poe

1029 words - 4 pages “Alone”What does Poe mean when he writes alone? Many People describe alone in a figurative manner, such as interacting with other people but feeling alone inside. Others (Poe)give alone a literal definition, such as actually isolating oneself from other humans. In the poem "Alone," Edgar Allan Poe talks about aloneness in terms of not able to experience things similar to others. Poe effectively presents gothic images of a person by

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Alone Essay

1305 words - 6 pages that they all have been trapped in a state of paralysis. That people are never willing to break away from their comfort zone, no matter how bad it is. Characters are blinded by all their emotion, physical, and sexual problems until The Dead when Gabriel’s epiphany is one that all of Ireland needs to see. Each individual should open their eyes and see the real world, not live behind a lens. The Irish are barely surviving in Ireland, the snow all over Ireland represents how alone, hopeless, and ignorant the people and country of Dublin are.

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750 words - 3 pages Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Alone” is a reflection of his childhood. The first lines tell the reader that the speaker never felt kindred with the other children. As you read on, it is apparent to the reader that someone dear to them passed when they were young. Looking at the diction, symbolism, and allusions used in this poem, we can see that the underlying theme is that lost love can cause desolation. The word choice used in this poem helps to

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987 words - 4 pages The novel, Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other (2011) written by Sherry Turkle, presents many controversial views, and demonstrating numerous examples of how technology is replacing complex pieces and relationships in our life. The book is slightly divided into two parts with the first focused on social robots and their relationships with people. The second half is much different, focusing on the online

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1003 words - 5 pages her. "Yes, you can! Besides, as you can see, we have more than enough room for you here." Andrea told her with a chuckle. "Is there anyone I can call for you? Someone I can let know where you are?" Carol thought about Ed with a frown. Besides him, she didn't have any family and Ed had certainly made his feelings for her known. She was all alone in this world...truly alone. There was no one looking for one that cared if she was alive