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Alone Together By Sherry Turkle Essay

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After reading Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together, I was left with mixed feelings. Ill thought the book was poorly written, and could have been structured better. The way Turkle structures the book made me bored and uninterested. On the other hand, it enlightened me about the conditions that technology has done throughout society.
I became bored reading certain parts of the book. I feel like the author could have sequenced it better. The author precedes some chapters or sections with a point and reinforces it with interviews from many research participants and interview quotes. I find myself skipping some parts just because I didn’t want to read every person’s reactions to a new robot, there were just too many. For example, in the book Turkle talks about the robot AIBO (53), and interviews research participants. Most of them reinforce her point: Humans have the possibility of developing some sort of emotional attachment to robot companions. She didn’t have to include all of the research participants’ interviews that she did. Although it is bad to include one interview to prove the point, but there comes a point where it becomes too much, which I ended up skipping. I also did not like the research that was done. There should have been more statistical facts instead of just a few research participants’ interviews and stories. I have a hard time believing that a few people who she researched can be a basis for the trend. I would’ve liked to see more evidence.
Although the book has its flaws, I did enlighten me on how technology affects society. I learned a great deal about technology from the book. I learned more about the increasing attachment of people to technology, how technology affects us socially, and most importantly, the emotional impact that technology has on people.

Turkle’s book begins by focusing on how robots affected the lives of people emotionally. This is explained in research analysis of young and elderly people’s reactions to robots such as AIBO and Cog and to even commercial products like My Real Baby, Furby and Tamagachi. As I read, I became more surprised on the complexity of robots. They have become as complex as to feign attributes of that of organic beings. For the robotic pet AIBO, people thought of it as a real dog, with real emotions. The same result with My Real Baby, as the participants took care of them as if they were real. There were also emotional attachments between the Furby and Tamagachi toys that were mentioned in a chapter, with people buying new Tamagachi’s (33) when the virtual ones died, which I find is absurd. Why someone would pay for another Tamagachi toy just because the Tamagachi they had died in their own virtual universe is beyond me.
I believe this kind of emotional technology attachment is neutral, as it impacts our lives positively and negatively. For those who are elderly, robot toys like My Real Baby can be a good way to keep them distracted, as perhaps their siblings cannot see them as...

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