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For centuries, there have been doubts about translating works of literature, but in Chekhov’s, The Lady with the Dog which today is his best known, most translated short story. Chekhov tells the story of a chance meeting between Dmitri Gurov and Anna Sergeevna, both on vacation and both without their spouses. We get the feeling these two characters feel their lives are boring and mundane. When these two empty hearts meet they capture a glimpse of happiness that fines them accidental in love. Chekhov’s story takes place in late nineteenth-century Russia were marriage arrangements and social status are popular. We will be analyzing Chekhov’s story, The Lady with the Dog, and two other ...view middle of the document...

Garnett’s swift translation turns thought into action capturing the mood and times of nineteenth-century Russia. Moser’s states “Garnett never meet Chekhov, although she was the first English translator of the nineteenth-century to translate Russian literature into English and the first to translate Chekhov’s works.” Garnett went to Russia twice in her lifetime; thought fondly of the Russian people and their country.
Secondly, let’s look at Chekhov’s famous story, The Lady with the Little Dog, translated by Pevear. We are still looking at part one, the first three lines which states, “The talk was that a new face appeared on the embankment: a lady with a little dog. Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov, who had already spent two weeks in Yalta and was used to it, also began to take an interest in new faces” (Chekhov 361). We notice in Pevear’s translation; he adds the word little to the title, and a new face appeared on the embankments. Pevear’s translation is not as mysterious, or as intriguing as Garnett. Also, the language changes the tone of the story. Pevear uses the word appeared on the embankment, by using embankment one thinks of...

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