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Along The Lines Of Optimizing Performance

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Along the lines of optimizing performance, I looked at whether or not teams have an advantage when playing at home.According to scientific research, home territory provides a significant advantage to individuals who are contending with rivals.In the animal kingdom, animals tend to be more dominant in their own territories and submissive in the territories of others. Therefore, the favor goes to those animals who fight in their own territories.With humans, people are usually more dominant and experience less stress in their own territories Ex. Debators and negotiators feel more comfortable and do better in their own territories.This can also be extended further into the sports world. In sports such as baseball, football, basketball and hockey, it is a fact that home teams win consistently more games. Usually 55 to 65 percent of the time.Factors that can lead to a home court advantage: a. regime regularity: players capitalize on regular home life and preparation schedules.Their sleep cycles are more regular Have friends, family, and facilities that are available for support Psychologists feel that these factors permit players to be better prepared for the game, giving them the edge in physical, mental, nutritional, and mechanical conditioning b. other factors: crowd support: more appreciative, supportive fans encourage home teams / distract visitors visitors must perform without positive reinforcement and deal w/ hostility enhance home team's functioning, facilitating aggressiveness and dedication to win.c. field familiarity: players are more familiar with their home playing field or court ex. A baseball player knowing how the ball will bounce when it hits the grass.d. player-park matching players tend to play for teams that will most benefit them ex. New York Yankees usually try to get left handed power hitters(short right field) e. officiating bias"”subconsciously react to home crowd and home teams tend to get more of the close calls How much these factors contribute to a home field advantage is up for debate by psychologists.Yet, in the sports world these are higher valued advantages Two psychologists decided what if, in light of conclusive evidence, the opposite was true.What if the home field can be a disadvantage for teams who are on the verge of a major victory or that players on the brink of a championship will play unusually badly or "choke" under the pressures generated by a supportive home crowd.Therefore, they...

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