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“AlphaGraphics is a franchised chain of more than 260 independently owned and operated marketing service providers with full-service print shops.” ("Alphagraphics," ) AlphaGraphics provides it's clients with print, design, web and marketing services. The company provides professional marketing and design services for it's clients. They offer their clients assistance throughout the creation of a product – designing, printing, shipping, and marketing. Their unique design will help clients with all their marketing needs including: business cards, letterheads, brochures, postcards, signs, and more. AlphaGraphics specializes in offset and digital printing. Also, they offer mailing and digital archiving services, as well as direct marketing solutions with the latest technologies in variable data printing, 1:1 marketing and cross-media campaigns. AlphaGraphics can help create an effective direct marketing campaign with their mailing services.
Company History
Entrepreneur, Rodger Ford, founded the first AlphaGraphics in Tucson, Arizona, in 1970. Ford wanted to form an organization that offered the latest in visual communications technology. It didn't take Ford long to turn AlphaGraphics into a successful and profitable business. In 1979, AlphaGraphics began to offer others an opportunity to open their own franchise. In the late 1980's, AlphaGraphics began to push for globalization and became the first U.S. printing franchise to expand its business internationally. The company moved its headquarters from Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2001. Currently there are more than 260 AlphaGraphics franchises around the world. ("Alphagraphics," )
“AlphaGraphics is a global network of 260+ independently owned and operated business centers, united by a single purpose: to drive results for our clients.We believe in pushing boundaries to help you increase your reach. Together, we create solutions that are relevant and drive results. We do this because we are passionate about your success. Each of our team members, from the owners to the graphic designers, work as a united team to increase your ROI.” ("Alphagraphics," )
Type of Industry
AlphaGraphics is part of the Commercial Printing Industry.
Positions Available
Positions differ from franchise to franchise. The positions available depend on the number of employees on staff. Many of the positions found were: President & CEO, Account Executive, Marketing and Printing Consultant, Graphic Designer, Sales Representative, Binder/Quality Control, Press Operator, Sales and Marketing Manager, Production Specialist, Marketing Strategist, Design Technology Specialist, Inside Sales Representative, Customer Services, Business Development, and Account Manager.
AlphaGraphics company benefits include vacation, paid holidays, medical and dental insurance plans, 401(k) with match, profit sharing. The 401k Savings Plan that has over 100 active participants and over $5.0M in plan assets....

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