Even More Newspaper Articles 1900.

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AGO Incorporated.Finally Ontario can have a public art museum of its own! The new Toronto Art Gallery, better known as the TAG, was opened this summer and will display well known works of art by Canadian artists. The Toronto Art Gallery will also provide a venue for exhibitions by artist from around the world. It has promised to maintain the best artwork not only from Ontario and Canada but also the world. Many people in the artistic community are excited at the museums opening. Lets hope that it makes itself into a provincial treausure.King Of Italy Is Shot.Many Italians were mourning this year after their king was shot this summer. Umberto I was often called "Umberto the Good." He was very much loved by his people. This was not the first attempt at his life. In 1897 Acciarito, an Anarchist, tried to assassinate the king. He was killed this year on the 29th of July by another Anarchist named Gaetano Bresci, at Monza. He was buried on the 9th of August in the pantheon in Rome. Having reigned for 22 years he became very well know, liked and respected among Italians. The entire country of Italy mourns his leaving.The Problem With Telephones.I understand the reason for the booming rise of the use of telephones and their desired use. Though I find it hard to believe this to be the case because when I use the telephone, I find it to be an incredible nuisance. First of all you have to search for the book of numbers. Then look for the person you wish to call. This within itself takes at least 20 minutes. Then you have to undergo the process of turning the numbers into the phone. This is not nearly as difficult but still time consuming especially if you are calling a number with high numbers (because you have to turn the dial further). Then I bring the phone to my ear. If I am lucky I will be connected to the person I was calling. It is becoming a regular event that when I pick up the phone I am speaking to someone that I have never heard of because I have dialed the wrong number. Then I start the whole process again. At the end of it all I feel an...

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The Newspaper as a Learning Tool

1624 words - 6 pages studies have been conducted in various areas of newspaper use by the ANPA through the NIE program. Although the findings of every study are too numerous to list here, one study in Washington DC reported that after using newspaper clippings and magazine articles in regular instruction at one school, "two-thirds of the students raised their reading levels more than one year, ten gained two years, and two children gained more than three years" (Cowen

The War on Terrorism Essay

763 words - 3 pages Every morning, millions of people around the world begin their day by reading the newspaper. News topics are constantly discussed in everyday life and remain the dominant topic of conversation between friends, family, and even strangers. It is our responsibility as a modern society to recognize all events that impact our lives and make others aware of them, and newspapers as well as the general media allow us this opportunity. The New York Times

Book Review For Hair's Carnival Of Fury

911 words - 4 pages William Ivy Hair's Carnival of Fury elaborates on the life of Robert Charles and the events leading New Orleans to the race riot of 1900. Hair quoted newspaper articles printed during Charles' life to include society's reaction and provide a white-Southern perspective of African Americans. Hair's original objective was to uncover what Charles experienced during his youth, and discover what prompted him to shoot innocent people from the

First Amendment

573 words - 2 pages people should have a right to discuss issues that could help them in the future. The more students are educated about the issues of life, more likely they will make better choices in their future.Another important argument in defense of students' natural right to their own opinions is; if free thought is to be brutally suppressed, the newspaper is bound to dry up and eventually die. Even if the students happen to venture into such delicate subjects

Mark Twain's Life and Accomplishments

1020 words - 5 pages printer's apprentice. In 1851, he began working as a typesetter and contributor of articles and humorous sketches for the Hannibal Journal, a newspaper owned by his brother Orion. When he was 18, he left Hannibal and worked as a printer in New York City. Throughout 1868, Twain and Olivia Langdon corresponded but she rejected his first marriage proposal. Two months later, they were engaged. In February 1870, Twain and Langdon were married in Elmira, New

Analysis of the Opening of a Thriller Film

4216 words - 17 pages that newspaper. ‘Daily Mail’ is the second highest seller with 2.4 million copies sold a day. ‘Daily Mail’ presents serious articles as well as articles on celebrities whereas ‘Daily Mirror’ seems to be concentrating more on the celebrities, sex and scandal. I studied the tabloid newspapers and I have referred to my research on how to write articles in detail to assist me when constructing my articles and give me

How Community Newspapers Could Engage The Youth

510 words - 2 pages and information about what is going on around them. Even with the dependency of youths on digital media sources rising at the expense of the traditional sources i.e. newspapers, newspaper companies can still rekindle the interest of the young people by providing a tightly focused and highly relevant content for them. In other words, if newspapers want to arrest the attention of the youth, they must strive to focus their content not only to serve

Comparing the Length of Words in a Broadsheet Newspaper and Tabloid Newspaper

1272 words - 5 pages because in my opinion broadsheet newspapers are aimed at higher class and more intelligent people than tabloid newspapers are so the broadsheet newspaper should contain longer words. My second hypothesis is that the broadsheet newspaper will have longer words in the reader’s letters than the tabloid newspaper does. The reason why I think this is because I think broadsheet newspapers are aimed at more intelligent people so

The Importance of Women's Sports in Comparison to Men

893 words - 4 pages do not hit the headlines on newspaper articles. By saying this, the media cannot say that these women are just ‘ordinary’ as not many articles on even the most professional female athletes have been printed to date. It is urgently needed to create a society where every woman and man can play and enjoy sports regardless of gender or sex. So, therefore, I conclude my statement of which, “Women’s sport is as important as men’s sport,” as I believe that everyone should be treated as equals and that there should be no terms of inferior in regards to power, strength, and ability.

Mark Twain Bio

1260 words - 5 pages He is arguably the funniest man in history. He has written eight books, eleven short stories, and even wrote a little poetry. He would sell out auditoriums for people who just wanted to listen to him. He experienced the country's vast growth and change, from westward expansion to industrialization, the end of slavery, advancements in technology, big government and foreign wars. Also along the way, he often had something to say about the changes

Analysis: San Jose Mercury News

1253 words - 6 pages Introduction The following report provides an overview of San Jose Mercury News which includes history, current economic and financial conditions, performance, competition, key issues and a firm analysis. Type of Industry San Jose Mercury News is a firm in fragmented industry with more than 20 years in ranking among the top five prints in the United States in total full run advertising linage. Historical Aspects San Jose Mercury News

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1729 words - 7 pages , the election for governor of New York in 1898 and the presidential race in 1900, where neither candidate that the Journal supported won, showed that the newspaper had little control over the initial outcome. Even so, the paper continued to publish articles with a progressive slant. When Hearst ran for Congress in 1903, the Journal (which was now known as the New York Journal American) was used to gain him public support, as it was when he

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1228 words - 5 pages Press of America, 1985.Leslie, R.F. (ed.). The History of Poland since 1863. Cambridge: Cambridge UniversityPress, 1980.Woodward, David. The countries of World War I, 1900-1914. Maryland: Routledge,2007.NEWSPAPER ARTICLES:"Central Powers to Split Poland, Revoking Pledges." Times (London), 7 September1917, 1. ( Discusses How Germany will take one tenth of Poland leaving the rest toAustria)"Poland in Worse Plight than Belgium." New York Times 15

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1424 words - 6 pages the ones that offer the best journalism … the computer industry … will gradually replace their presses and delivery trucks. It’s talent that they will need to survive in the digital age,” as he calls for newspaper publishers to go back to their roots and start with the most integral aspect of the newspaper, its writers(Frankel qtd. in Lapham 9). News articles that identify strongly with their readers, stay with them even after a couple months as

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1746 words - 7 pages later in the section. In 1955 it would have been typical for a northern newspaper to publish such an article on the front page because without a doubt, this marked the first time that a mass peaceful movement changed an unjust law in America. We feel that the authors of these articles do not see these as very momentous occasions, but rather more like an interesting event to report on, as everyone loves to witness confrontation. We feel this