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On Monday, April 21, 2014, along with my friend JJJJ and my Mom, we went to see Alter Bridge perform in concert at Rams Head Live down in the Marketplace in Baltimore, Maryland. The doors opened at 7 o’clock and the concert started at 8 p.m. with the band Monster Truck as the opening act. We went and ate dinner before going to the concert, but when we entered the venue, Rams Head was packed. The show was sold out and there were people ranging from ages fifteen to mid-fifties. There were both men and women in attendance, but I noticed there were more men than women. When we arrived, we only made it for Monster Truck’s final song, but the song we heard was better than I had expected. Monster Truck is comprised of four members: a guitar player, an organ player, a drummer, and a bass player who also is the lead singer. Based on the one song I heard of Monster Truck, they reminded me of a modern-day Deep Purple with even hints of Boston in the way they sounded. After Monster Truck finished, everyone was full of excitement for Alter Bridge to come on.
Alter Bridge was formed out of the remnants of Creed with former Creed drummer Scott Philips, guitarist Mark Tremonti, and bassist Brian Marshall all reuniting in Alter Bridge. The guys added singer-guitarist Myles Kennedy and released their first album “One Day Remains” in 2004 (The Band). The band released their most recent album, “Fortress,” in September of 2013. Alter Bridge came on about 20 minutes later than everyone expected, but upon coming onto stage, they opened with their newest single “Addicted to Pain.” After playing their first three songs, singer Myles Kennedy explained that it was his fault they came on late as he said he was having trouble hitting some of the high notes when he was warming up backstage and joked that the audience would have to help him sing. His voice trouble could be due to the fact that he has personally almost toured for three years straight now between touring with Alter Bridge and with Slash, as he is the singer for Slash’s band. The crowd was not upset with the band at all and in fact seemed to sympathize for Myles, he is a crowd favorite. Since they were touring for their newest album “Fortress,” they played a good bit of songs off of that album, but also mixed in a good bit of their old music as well. The set list was very well managed, and the well received by the whole crowd. Here is a link to the exact set list they played 
The crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire show. Throughout the show, the crowd was singing along to every song and in fact on multiple occasions the band stopped singing and let the crowd sing because everyone was so loud. The band as a whole did a great job engaging the crowd, consistently talking to us, joking, and throwing out guitar picks. The crowd bonded

over the music that was being played and everyone seemed...

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