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Changes In The American Family Since 1970

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In the past 60 years there have been a significant amount of changes that have occurred within the American families. Throughout the years times have changed in both the workforce, and simply in the home. The ways things are done in the home have drastically changed from how they used to be.
During the video clip Changes in the American Family Since 1970 we were learning about the changes that had occurred in American families since 1970, which have, even since then, changed in other ways. At the time of the video clip we were learning different things from experts Arlie Hochschild and Timothy Biblarz. One of the changes that have been made, this change being the most drastic, is the amount of women who were working in the labor force at the time. According to Arlie Hochschild, mothers of children 18 and under, less than half of them (43%) were in the labor force in the 1970s. Today over 2/3 of women are now working in the labor force, and taking care of children when they arrive home from work. Once women joined the labor force it seemed that the roll of men seemed to change drastically also. Once women were gone at work during the day, along with the men, the men were beginning to help more around the house. Hochschild had made the comment during the video clip that men are doing more work at home and women are doing a lot less, which all together means that less work is being done at home. In the home in the 1970s the rolls that each spouse had were different in many ways. Before women joined the labor force women took care of the children. By taking care of them, women did the important things such as bathing them, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, as the video stated, the maintenance things. As a father in the 70s they were responsible for the fun activities in the child’s life, such as, taking them on trips and giving them special treats. But, that quickly changed after the women entered the labor force. Once both men and women were gone during the day working, that meant that there was no one that would be able to stay home and care for the children. That is what leads to the challenging part, child care. Child care was a challenge to find, because, as the video...

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