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Changes In The Life Of Marcus Gorman

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In the beginning of Legs, the narrator, Marcus Gorman, has grown increasingly dissatisfied with his boring and inactive life. He passes his time reading the same book in the library, or waiting for people with whom he can play a game of pinochle (16). He searches for a solution to breaking the monotony of his everyday life. Marcus actualizes his statement that if you "Do something new and you are new" (41) by identifying himself with Jack "Legs" Diamond, and agreeing to go work for him. Marcus is fascinated by the way that Jack approaches life, and he adds excitement to his own life by associating himself with someone who is very action-oriented. He uses the way that Diamond runs through the woods like a cat as a metaphor for the attitude with which Jack approaches life. In his description, Marcus says that "he was not mindful of anything except"¦his destination and whatever obstacle he and the cat might have to dodge or leap over: an old log, jutting rocks"¦entire dead trees, the residual corpses of the forest" (45). This example displays Marcus' awe of Jack, and his ability to go through life killing anybody that gets in his way, with reckless abandon and complete lack of conscience. Marcus admits to living a slothful life, and his goal in life was to lie complacently until he could be "ushered" into a seat in Congress. He finds himself more impressed and intrigued with the way that Jack is never inactive, and how he metaphorically knocks over everything in his path in order o achieve whatever he strives for in life. Marcus believes that by doing "something new," and becoming involved with Jack, he could...

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