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Alterative Fuels Are Useful In Our Daily Lif E

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Fossil fuels are compounds of hydrogen and carbon, such as oil, coal, natural gas, which are produced out of organic remains from ancient organisms. They cause pollution by releasing unsafe compounds in the atmosphere by its combustion process. A complete combustion means the hydrocarbon burns in an air with more than enough oxygen to turn the carbon into carbon dioxide.

There is also an incomplete combustion, meaning it is burned in an air lacking oxygen. If the oxygen is not enough, the carbons turn to carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is very harmful to living organisms.

The increasing of global emission of CO2, a heat trapping gas is pushing the world into a crisis. CO2 or carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere, which causes our world to have higher temperature. Seeing that the amount of burning fossil fuels gets bigger year by year, the global average temperature has also risen 1.4°F or 0.8°C. It can also lead to environmental such as mean health problems, destruction of problems, decreasing water and land pollution, etc. Moreover, as the ocean is affected by the carbon emissions, the ocean water becomes more acidic which causes loss of fish and other living organisms in the aquatic ecosystem and weakens the oceanic food chain. Furthermore, higher temperature causes heat and drought that damages the farms and ranches. If this keeps going on, the percentage of productivity and the yields of agricultural products will lessen since harvesting becomes hard when the land is in drought. By this, the price of commodity will also rise because of the declining yields of food crops, which would disadvantage the community. Other than that, because of CO2, it will cause melting ice and one of it is artic sea ice that begins to disappear, more heat waves and rising sea levels. Because of the higher temperatures, it can cause living organisms not being able to adapt the new environment and cause extinction.

By stopping the fossil fuels’ emission, the land and oceans will be able to slow the rise of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thus, there will be less harmful pollutants produced and less dangerous effects on the environment. This will affect on the animals, plants’ life and the planet’s atmosphere as well. We can also prevent from the occurrence of acid rain, since it is caused by chemicals made from the power generators that use plants as their fuel. By protecting our Earth from environmental issues, we are also lessening the cost of things. One of the alternative fuels that can replace fossil fuel is Bioethanol, which is a renewable resource is an ethanol produced from plants such as sugar cane or corn and agricultural waste. It is made from crops that absorb CO2 and gives oxygen. Bioethanol is identical chemically to ethanol that can be represented by either the formula C2H6O or C2H5OH(1). The name is actually gotten from ethanol or mostly known as ethyl alcohol, and ‘bio’ is added because it is manufactured by fermenting...

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