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Altered Play Version Of "1984"(Book Written By George Orwell): Scene When Winston And Julia Are Captured

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The scene is set at a windy yet oddly calm morning in Oceania where Winston and Julia wake up in the apartment above Mr. Charrington's antique shop.Julia: Winston are you awake?Winston: I am now.Julia: Does anything seem weird to youWinston: nothing out of the ordinary routineJulia: What does that meanWinston: I still think that we are dead but that is nothing out of the ordinary and nothing new seems to have happenedJulia: I just have this strange ...view middle of the document...

Clements just movedJulia: So, we're about to be captured and you worry about a stupid pictureWinston: There is a telescreen behind itJulia: They have been watching us the whole timeWinston: DuhJulia: When will they come?Winston: It's only a matter of time before they come barging in hereJulia: We knew this day would comeWinston: but, know it is official that we will be dead soonTelescreen: Now you are deadAs Julia and Winston turn soldiers suddenly come barging through the windows and the door to take them prisoner.Winston: I will never give in to the partySoldier: I'll just have to shoot herJulia: I've been hit (she's now dead)Winston: noooooooooooooSoldier: you will give in to the partyWinston: neverSoldier: your coming anywayWinston: The brotherhood will help meSoldier: Ignorance is Strength

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1511 words - 6 pages . Orwell then smashes this atmosphere when Winston and Julia are caught by the Thoughtpolice, the brutal beating is used to bring the reader back into the grim reality that they never had any hope. One more shock was that it turned out that Mr. Charrington was a member of the Thoughtpolice. When the paper weight is smashed into pieces by the Thouughtpolice it is symbolic of the little rebellion carried out by Winston and Julia. That how once it was found it was destroyed so easily and so completely. Once again the verse from the church song is repeated, this time by Mr. Charrington over the telescrene.

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