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Altered State Of Consciouness Essay

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The term stress is a very familiar concept that many people are familiar with. Stress affects the mind and the body. Physical, psychological, and social problems can all be factors of stress. Simple everyday tasks that cause anxiety or nervousness are often classified as stress. Physicians often tell patients that their illnesses are related to stress. (Gordon, 1990, p. 13)
The term stress didn't become familiar until 1936. Canadian physician and physiologist Hans Selye wrote a book on his research on stress, it was called The Stress of life. In his book his definition: "Stress is the state manifested by a specific syndrome which consists of all the nonspecifically induced changes within ...view middle of the document...

15 )
One of the most interesting ways that people differ stress has to do with gender. Men take the “Fight or flight” and women take the “tend and befriend”. Research has shown that there are two major brain and body pathways for dealing with stress. The Alarm reaction is controlled by the sympatho-adrenomedullary (SAM) system. As the the stressors are triggered the system stimulates the medulla of the adrenal glands. The adrenals turn into catecholamines and it activates what is necessary for the “flight or fight”.(Huffman, K. 1991 p. 100)
There are many kinds of stress that an individual may be suffering from. The seven types of stressors include; Life changes, chronic stressors, job stressors, hassles, frustration, conflict and cataclysmic events. (Huffman, K. 1991 p. 98). Researcher Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe believed that any kind of changed required adjustment in behavior or lifestyle that contributed to some kind of stress in a persons life. They also believed that exposure to a number or stress was a huge toll on the body and could affect an individual's health. (Huffman, K. 1991 p. 93).
Although not all stress has to do with one single change of event, sometimes it’s a series of events going on all at once contribute to the stress. “Chronic stressors, a state of ongoing physiological arousal, may be some of the most damaging of all stressors. (Enoch,2011; Torpy, Lynm & Glass, 2007). Job stressors are one of the largest sources of stress. Unemployment, keeping or changing jobs, lack of control and the great demands of workload and performance required for a job all can cause stress. (Huffman, K. 1991 p. 96). Job strain is a direct contributor to both initial and recurrent heart attacks while also causing serious problems at home, not only for the worker but for other family members as well (Alboa-Eboule, 2008: Aboa- Eboule et al., 2007:Rosentrome et al., 2011). (Huffman, K. 1991 p. 96).
Role conflict also happens when an individual take more than one role at a time and they roles aren’t compatible with each other at the same time. An individual that plays the role of a student and worker is a good example for playing two roles that sometimes aren’t compatible. Having to work while a professor schedules an exam can cause a stressor that one may not be able to control. “Chronic exposure to high levels of job stress and little personal control can also lead to a state of psychological and physical exhaustion known as burnout. Although the term has become an overused buzzword, health psychologist use it to describe a specific syndrome that develops most commonly in idealistic people who are involved in chronically stressful and emotionally draining professions ( Gray-Stanley & Muramatsu, 2011: Hamaideh, 2011; Shirom, 2011) (Huffman, K. 1991 p. 96).
Hassles are also a big part of stress. The daily tasks and routines can also cause stress. Some researchers believe that daily hassles that cause stress are more significant at creating...

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