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A 2012 honda civic electric hybrid get around thirty seven miles to the gallon, a 2012 honda civic with the four cylinder get thirty three to thirty five miles to the gallon (“Alternative” Par. 3). Those cars do not have a huge difference in miles to the gallon and the performance difference is huge; So choose a hybrid when there is really not any difference in Mpg? Alternative fuels are fuels that we can make either by man or are reusable sources that can power vehicles around the world. There is about four different types of alternative fuels; which are hydrogen, Bio diesel, Propane, and Ethanol(Alternative Fuel par. 1-7). Alternative fuels are a disadvantage to vehicle owners because they are more expensive, are not compatible with most vehicles, and has a huge decrease in power.
There are seven different types of Alternative Fuels, There is good parts of these alternative fuels but there is many disadvantages to using these alternative fuels in a everyday driven vehicle. The cost is a huge part of one of the disadvantages. Ethanol is the one and only gas that can be cheaper; It can be cheaper but only is a few selected areas around the United States (Alternative Fuel “Ethanol” par. 5). Ethanol is most made from corn which is why the fuel can be cheaper in selected areas. Wisconsin is one place where ethanol can be cheaper because there is many farms that grow the crops needed for the making of ethanol. If we use corn or other crops to make ethanol what would happen to our food prices? If we use corn or other crops to make this fuel it could contribute to higher food prices which would also end up making the fuel more expensive (“How“ par. 1). Most fuel pumps sell fuel with ten or fifteen present ethanol already added; So if the use of it is going to happen why is corn getting used to make it? Ethanol can be made from any biomass, garbage is one of the many things that there is no other use for so why do we not use it.
Hydrogen is one of more expensive gases due to the cost of the vehicle. Vehicles ready for hydrogen are more expensive than the normal gasoline vehicle (Alternative Fuel “Hydrogen” par. 6). Hydrogen is decently hard to find in the United States; Due to the cost it can only be found in California and a few other locations (Alternative Fuel “Hydrogen” par. 5). Due to the cost of these expensive vehicles they can not be sold to the public until the cost in decreased a large amount (Alternative Fuel “Hydrogen” par. 6).
Propane is a fuel that is less expensive for the up front cost at the pump and filling up the vehicle (Alternative Fuels “Propane” chart. 1). Propane has a large up front cost to buy the vehicle. To get a propane ready vehicle you must contact a dealer and get the vehicle special ordered which has a very expensive price tag (Alternative Fuels “Propane” chart. 2). When driving a vehicle thats fueled by propane the gas station will be visited more often due the lose of miles per gallon which will become very...

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