Alternative Oil Sources In Fish Diets

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The intensive farming of tilapia, Oreochromis sp. is rapidly expanding and tilapias are the second most widely farmed fish in the world with annual production exceeding 2 million metric tons in 2005 (FAO, 2008). Marine fish oil, a by-product of industrial capture fisheries, is the oil conventionally used in commercial tilapia feeds. Aquafeeds currently use about 87% of the global supply of fish oil (FO) as a source of lipid (Tacon, Hasan, & Subasinghe, 2006). For the past 25 years, annual FO production has not increased beyond 1.5 million tons per annum and estimates showed that the demand for FO from the aquaculture industry is likely to surpass total global supply by the year 2010 (New & Wijkstrom, 2002). The decreasing global availability and increasingly high cost of FO has resulted in intensive research activities to evaluate alternative oil sources in fish diets.
One such oil is palm oil, which has been used in the diets of farmed fish such as catfish ([Ng et al., 2003] and [Ng et al., 2004]), Atlantic salmon ([Ng et al., 2007], [Rosenlund et al., 2001] and [Tortensen et al., 2000]), rainbow trout (Fonseca-Madrigal, Karalazos, Campbell, Bell, & Tocher, 2005) and tilapia (Bahurmiz & Ng, 2007). Palm oil has been shown to be able to substitute a significant amount of dietary FO without compromising fish growth and feed utilisation efficiency. Nevertheless, a major consequence of FO replacement in aquafeed is the resultant modification of the fish fillet fatty acid composition and the use of palm oil is no exception ([Bahurmiz and Ng, 2007] and [Ng et al., 2004]). Apart from good growth, the post-harvest quality of farmed fish is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration when evaluating the suitability of vegetable oils as dietary FO alternatives. The impact on the physical and organoleptic quality of fillets from tilapia fed diets where the fish oil is replaced with palm oil is currently not known.

Available data on the effect of dietary oil source on some of the principal characteristics of the final eating quality of...

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