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Alternate Perspective: A Critical Comparison From The Narrative Perspective

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Stories are told through a seemingly limitless number of vessels: oral traditions date back thousands of years, literature revolutionized the way information is carried, and in the more recent years film broke through barriers and revolutionized modern media. What all all of these forms have in common is a medium, a method in which to tell their story. Though there are some exceptions, the traditional format includes a narrator of sorts, who will illustrate the events of a story from their own personal perspective. As one can imagine, a story is vastly influenced by the narrator that tells it. Details, opinions, even whole events are included or left out at the discretion of the individual ...view middle of the document...

Wilson is in Vietnam on a mission, and shows little interest in anything but accomplishing said mission.
Many of the main differences in the two narrators are accounted for by the differences in the form of media. A book provides no method of telling the story aside from the words printed on the page. This forces Marlow to provide all of the detail for the readers, often times more than is strictly needed. Wilson, on the other hand, does not explain nearly as much as Marlow does, primarily due to the fact that the viewers have the advantage of being able to see the environment surrounding Wilson and see what he is experiencing. Another advantage the movie-viewers have is that all of Wilson’s experiencing are happening to him as they’re seen, ensuring their accuracy. In Marlow’s case, he is communicating the story after it has happened, and all events and experiences have to be recalled. As with any human being, a memory has the potential to be changed around and distorted over the years, and the constant contradictions Marlow brings up supports the belief that his recollection grows hazy. Even the narration style is affected by the style of media the art takes, which in turn affects the rest of the story.
The thematic style of each story changes with the narrators as well, in addition to the narration style. Marlow consistently brings up the connections he sees between the African men and the white men that have come to civilize them: “…if you were man enough you would admit that...

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