Alternate Wicked Ending Essay

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She said, “I will save you!” and she hurled the water at the Witch. Dorothy then trips on a silver nail, on the wooden floor. She falls faintly and passes out. Dorothy has a concussion and her soul detaches. The flying water lands on the Witch and her soul ends up with Dorothy’s soul in limbo.

An arena of familiar faces before the pale darkness; they move in the obscurity like ghouls. There is Mama, looking for Turtle Heart; there is Nessarose, authoritative and lifeless as harden wood. There is Papa, lost in his duplicate, looking for himself in the faces of the suspicious agnosticism. There is Shell, not quite yet himself despite his apparent bodily perfection.
The spirits astonishes become others; they become Nanny in her prime, tart, and overbearing appearance; and the spirit was joined by the presents of Ama Clutch and Ama Vimp and the other Amas, that lumped together now in a material blur. The apparitions become Boq, sweet, slender, and fervent, yet undefeated; and Crope and Tibbett in their funny, senseless anxiety to be liked; and Avaric in his predominance and masculinity. Moreover, Glinda with her femininity and her gowns, waiting to be good enough to deserve what she gets.
And the ones whose stories are accomplished: Manek, Madame Morrible, Doctor Dillamond, and most of all Fiyero, whose blue diamonds are the blues of water and of sulfurous fire both. There are also the ones whose stories are curiously not complete: Princess Nastoya of the Scrow, whose help did not arrive in time; and Liir, the mysterious foundling boy, growing out of childhood into manhood. Sarima, who in her warming welcome and sisterly affection would not forgive, and her sisters and children and future and past…
And the ones who cascaded to the Wizard, including Killyjoy and the other resident Animals and animals; and behind them the Wizard himself, a failure until he came to the Land of Oz ; and behind him Yackle, whoever she was, a demon if anyone, and the anonymous Adepts, if they existed, and the dwarf, who had no name to share.
Lastly, the creatures of makeshift lives, the enslaved together, the powerless, and the abused: the Lion, the Scarecrow, the crippled Tin Woodman, Up from the shadows for an instant, up into the light; then back.

Elphaba see herself on the floor as melted puddle of green and black gooeyness. Dorothy, however, sees her body unconscious and unable to reason what had happened. They were both alone in the Witch’s room. Dorothy and Elphaba experienced a lackluster sense of relaxation. Their souls look like wondering, apparitions in space and darkness. As their souls examine one another in a matter of seconds, they both disappeared.
There was an interconnection happening simultaneously, as the Witch’s soul and Dorothy’s soul attached their bodies. There was a glitch in their detachment because Dorothy ultimately dies or goes into a diming light with an instant of sharp pain before the numbness. The world twirls like...

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