Alternate Worlds Essay

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Alternate Worlds

We are all living our lives day-to-day, thinking that everything we encounter is truly in existence. But what if we are all in a dream world? With many science fiction forms of media, they pose this question: Is there any way to tell that everything we do is really happening? One movie that embraces this topic is The Matrix. The matrix could almost be called a dream world. The world outside of the matrix is basically the real world, where humans are not controlled by computers. Zion is the only real city left in the movie.

Morpheus, a main character in the movie, states, the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. In Ursula K Le Guins The Lathe of Heaven there is also a confusion of the real world and the dream world. In the movie The Matrix and the book The Lathe of Heaven there are many similarities, even though the story lines are quite different. The curiosity that comes from both the movie and the book is the fact that the world is not what is seems to be. The main characters in the movie The Matrix and Le Guins book The Lathe of Heaven both have many similarities. The main character in the movie is Neo, a computer hacker, who is seeking the truth about the matrix. However, when he finds the truth, he ends up discovering more than he expected. After being discovered by Morpheus, he is taken into the real world where he becomes 'The One' and receives computer generated powers. In The Lathe of Heaven the main characters name is George Orr, who is a man who has the capability to dream things that can become reality. His dreams become such a nuisance that he begins taking prescription drugs, which later get him in trouble. He is punished by having to consult a psychotherapist. Orr and Neo are similar in the aspect that they are both going through the confusion of the two worlds. Orr has is every day real life and also his dream world. However, his real life and dream world tend to mesh together, where he cant see a clear boundary. He runs into problems when his horrible dreams become true into his real life. There are many specific instances where Neo and Orr can be closely compared. Besides both being the main characters in their stories, they both have big responsibilities. Neos responsibility is to be The One that can stop Artificial Intelligence from taking over the last real city, Zion. Orrs main concern is to stop dreaming of things that affect others in a negative way. Orr runs into the problem where he dreamt about aliens invading the earth, which in fact it did happen, and he was the only one who could stop it. Neo was also the one that had to stop AI invasions. The main focus is both of these characters want to keep things in their natural existence. Neo wants a world that isnt computer generated nor where humans are used as batteries, and Orr wants a normal life where his dreams are not influencing the world in an obstructive way. In both The Matrix and The Lathe of Heaven, they...

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