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Alternative Approaches To Epilepsy Treatment Essay

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I stumbled upon this article during library day and it has been one of the most helpful article I could find. It’s a scholarly journal with ties to Columbia Comprehensive Epilepsy Center as well as Columbia University and Neurologic Institute. The article mainly focuses on drug free treatments such as yoga, relaxation, acupuncture, Omega-3 fatty acids supplements, and biofeedback. I had never heard of any of these kinds treatments until I read this article. I honestly expected to doze off half way through the article but I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself genuinely intrigued. The section talking about biofeedback was extremely interesting to me just because I had no idea what it was. Essentially it’s the monitoring of heart rate, brain waves, and skin resistance and then having that information directly transmitted to the patient so they become fully aware of their body and “thereby enabling the patient to become aware of normally unconscious body processes and to learn to gain control over them”. More interesting than that was the data collected from all the research. All of the treatments (besides acupuncture and bromfeild omega-3’s) showed drastic signs of reducing seizure frequency and severity. The two most surprising treatments that showed to be extremely effective were relaxation training and yoga/meditation. After six months of using yoga/meditation on a regular basis patients saw a whopping 86% reduction in seizure frequency. Overall I know that this article is going to be extremely helpful to my paper. It gives loads of alternative treatments as well as reliable outcomes as to what happens when epileptics are given these alternative treatments. I plan to go through this article with a fine toothcomb and find the most useful and relevant information for my paper. Since this was the only article I could find about relaxation techniques and epilepsy I know that it’ll be extremely helpful especially when comparing it to other treatment.
Hamerle, M., L. Ghaeni, A. Kowski, F. Weissinger, and M. Holtkamp. "Cannabis and Other Illicit Drug Use in Epilepsy Patients." European Journal of Neurology 21.1 (2014): 167-70. Print.
Unlike the previous article this scholarly journal is all about substances (mostly illegal) that epileptics self-administer in hopes of controlling their epilepsy. The main substance that is looked into is cannabis (more commonly known as marijuana). The article mainly uses focus groups and surveys to collect information about illicit drug use and epilepsy. Cannabis and cocaine appeared to be the most commonly used by epileptics. Many reported that cannabis appeared to have no affect on their epilepsy or seizure frequency while those using cocaine did notice an increase in the amount of seizure they experienced. While I wish this were more of an actual experiment as oppose to a questionnaire there were some helpful points and statistics in it. If this were an experiment where doctors monitored epileptics as a...

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