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Alternative Dispute Resolution Research Worksheet Essay

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Running Head: RESOLVING NON-EMPLOYMENT CONFLICTAlternative Dispute Resolution Research WorksheetResolving Non-Employment ConflictUniversity of PhoenixWEEK 5Alternative Dispute Resolution Research WorksheetResolving Non-Employment ConflictAlternative Dispute ResolutionOnexium (New Jersey Nets)The Hogan Lovell's law firm has made a legal blow to the Atlantic Ave Yards project to build the New Jersey Nets stadium in Brooklyn. The company has gone forth to use eminent domain to allow the project to begin, which would force residents in the Fort Green area of Brooklyn to lose their property. Like the M-Core corporation, the Hogan Lovell's has used tactics to buy out and relocate the residents and no expense was spared to influence their decision. The organization has offered double property value settlements and favors to move residents from the area to build the project. After countless community meetings with mediators, no progress had been made with the residents to come to an agreement to allow the Atlantic Ave train yards to be used for the new stadium. The residents has tried their best to stop any efforts to go ahead with the project citing the rights of residents were being violated to be asked to sell and move from their property. Onexium did not want to go into any litigation and have a costly battle with the residents. With the all the legal experience of Hogan Lovell's they have advised the Onexium Sports and Entertainment Holding USA Inc. to file papers to the courts by the owner Mikhail Prokhorov and president to stop any efforts to stop the projects at the Atlantic Yards (The Associated Press, 2007 p.10). This proved to favor the company knowing not all the residents had enough money to go on with a long court battle and eventually they would win. This project is a $4 billion mega development for a 16-acre property in Brooklyn that would bring revenue to Brooklyn with all the tourist and fans. The effort of Alternative Dispute Resolutions has proved to be a no win situation for the residents loosing negations to relocate the project to other possible areas in area, which would be ideal. With Logan Lovell's IP litigation, arbitration and ADR experience they have an extensive understanding of the laws within several jurisdictions and good concepts with any all technical matters to make sure the Onexium company gets what they need to go ahead with the project (Lovell's, 2010 p.1). The residents did not have the resources like Logan Lovell's and proved to be deciding factor of all the ADR with the cases proving to favor them to continue the project and move all the residents citing eminent domain as the result of the case.The M-Core corporation faced similar dilemma that caused them to lose all to the fact the majority of the residents and subsequently release their rights to the property only leaving a few. Not much resource was available to compete with the money available by big corporations. Even though people has offered to help the...

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