Alternative Education Essay

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Alternative Education
Alternative education was once considered a solution only necessary for children with special needs. As society changes, so does the prominence of issues within it. In our current society, education is mandatory in order for an individual to be successful in the future. Although this may seem like a simple task to accomplish, the generalized form of education is not sufficient for students who have different needs from the typical student. These needs can include disabled needs or special education, at risk or troubled needs, gifted and talented needs, or students who speak English as a second language. Alternative education schools and programs provide the ...view middle of the document...

These programs help teach each student based on their needs. Most would say that alternative education is equivalent to special education; however this is not the case. These needs can include special needs, at risk or troubled needs, gifted and talented needs, or other cases that would qualify a student to benefit from alternative education.
Alternative education can be implemented through the use of programs or alternative schools themselves.
Some may consider the terms alternative programs and alternative schools to be interchangeable; however these two differ in more ways than one. The prominent difference between alternative programs and alternative schools is the location in relation to the public schools of the district. Alternative schools are separate from other schools and are classified as their own institution. Alternative programs are part of regular public school within a district. They function within the school building and are not considered to be independent, but rather a program offered within the school (Evers).
The purpose of alternative schooling is to improve the student’s education through creating a sense of unity and a stable environment in the classroom. The stable environment can involve the surroundings or the methods of teaching that are being applied. As previously mentioned, alternative schools and programs can address the different needs pertaining to each student. These programs educate students in a new way through offering programs such as counseling or behavioral rehabilitation (Duckenfield). The nature of the techniques depends on the classification of the program or school, due to the fact that different schools address different needs. Since extra time and effort are put in by educators specializing in alternative education, only specific student may participate in the programs. These students stereotypically have special needs different from those of other students.
Generally, students are referred to an alternative school or programs by a staff member, the parents, or the student themselves. However, although referral was made, the student may not qualify for the attention received through alternative education. In order for the student to be accepted, the committee in charge of selecting the students must decide whether the student is in need of alternative education through analyzing the referral and an interview process (Eichorn). This allows the students with special needs to get the help and education necessary without the distraction of those who don’t.
Similar to other assets of an individual, each student differs in reference to their educational needs. Individual students have individual needs that need to be addressed in order to reach their full learning potential. These include the needs that result from the following circumstances: Disabilities, advanced education, at risk or troubled kids, or those who are suffering from poor grades and lack of effort. “These are the main focuses of...

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