Alternative Ending To Mockingjay Essay

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Gale must be near, I can hear his heart pounding. I am running desperately through the emptiness of what seems to be a corridor, it’s all white, just like most of the Capitol security buildings. I take a right, and then a left, but something makes me come to a complete stop; ten feet in front of me, an automatic and bright sliding door stands. I just hope that I am not being recorded by the security cameras, because if I am, my life has already been condemned to die within a few minutes. No one knows that I am here, except for Cinna. I am acting on behalf of his plan. So far, Cinna’s plan is being precise, but, I don’t recall this being part of Cinna’s arrangement, something doesn’t seem right. I face the door, trying to slide it open, but it won’t open no matter how much effort I put into it. In about 15 seconds, an automatic sliding door closes a few inches behind me. I take a sudden jump - shocked, scared; I didn't notice that there was another door so close to me. How am I going to get out of here? I am trapped in-between two Capitol doors.

“Welcome Mr. President Snow. Please say your assigned passcode.”

“Huh? What… Who’s there?” I scream.

“Sorry, incorrect passcode. Please say your assigned passcode again. You have two more attempts.”

The voice is coming from a small green screen projected on the metallic door. Two more attempts? For what? What will happen if I don’t say the passcode correctly? I don’t know, but it mustn’t be too good. Whatever is behind this door has been designed by the Capitol, for President Snow’s use only. I try to think, but no number combination comes to mind. Cinna had never told me anything about being asked to say a passcode. Beginning to panic, sweat is making its way down my face onto the Capitol's floor; if I get caught here, I might be at the verge of my own death. I can’t die this way. I have outsmarted the Capitol twice in the Hunger Games, no other tribute has been able to to accomplish that. After all this long and suffered for journey, these can’t be my last minutes of life.

“Time-out. Server unlocked. Welcome Mr. President Snow.”

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