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Alternative Fueled Vehicles Essay

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Alternative Fueled Vehicles
Earth is perishing. Every living thing in the ecosystem plays a part in preservation of nature. Even if one of these species neglect their responsibilities the whole system shuts down; thus, every creature is connected and cannot be seperated from each other. Despite all this, human race see itself as the king of the jungle. They are greedy, careless and ignorant. Because of humans oceans are getting filthy, recourses are diminishing, and the air is becoming intoxicating. Although earth is becoming a living hell, it is’t too late to save it; with logical and creative solutions earth might survive. One of the most promising solutions in order to save earth is perhaps using alternative fueled cars. Even though alternative fueled cars aren’t very common at the moment, the statistics and new research proves that alternative fuel can be one of the crucial factors to bring back the harmony in the nature. “As of 2011 there were more than one billion vehicles in use in the world, compared with over 83 million alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles that had been sold or converted worldwide as of December 2013” (Sousanis). Each year more people prefer buying alternative fueled vehicles in order to have an impact on the environment.
Alternative fueled vehicle can be , broadly, defined as a vehicle that runs on an alternative fuel rather than “traditional petroleum”. Although not all alternative fueled vehicles are petroleum-free, main objective of producing alternative fueled vehicles is to eliminate petroleum from the picture. Petroleum is a toxic material and carcinogenic; it is known to cause leukemia and lower white blood cell count in humans. Moreover, it plays an important role in climate change, acid rains, soil pollution, air pollution and water pollution. It is obvious that using alternative sources to fuel vehicles would have a great impact on the environment.
There are many types of alternative fuel in the market, but each of them have its pros and cons. From ammonia fueled vehicles to electric cars, there are plenty of vehicles to choose from; whereas, some of these vehicles are not effiicient, or aren’t very eco-friendly. Although environmental impact should be the priority, the engine and the mechanism has to be efficient as well in order to decrease the cost of using alternative fueled vehicles to a acceptable level. So which alternative fueled vehicle is the best in terms of efficiency and environmental impact?
First of all, all-electric vehicles are possibly the rising star among the alternative fueled vehicles. These vehicles solely use electricity; they contain battery packs which are recharchable. All-electric vehicles are completely eco-friendly; whereas, they have some battery problems that needs to be improved. “Electric vehicles convert about 59–62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels—conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 17–21% of the energy stored in...

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