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Alternative Hypothesis About Emergence Of The Religions, Its Adaptive Factors For Human And General Investigation Of Historical Development Of Rel

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What is the role of the religion in the journey of human evolution? Millions and millions years ago our first early-ape ancestor Lucy has to walk African savanna and she did not know her uniqueness, unfortunately. Walking is the interpretation of the environment and its adaptive solution for surviving problem. Interpretation of the environment is the most crucial component of adaptive solutions (Buss, 2004).
Encephalization of early-human and its physical consequences directly observed by chipped stones. These stones shaped geometrically accurate and interpreted by paleontologists and anthropologists than they inferred that these stones indicate non-natural inclination for perfection ...view middle of the document...

However, external world shaped once again, according to this perspective. Religions and its destructive side of applying by followers were dark side of it. Destructive side primarily comes from primitively “Augmented Reality” principle. Still, similar divine laws are governing contemporary followers and its destructive nature.
Contemporary or not, religion is an onerous and expensive complement of activities. Notwithstanding, religions emerged and expanded because of its practical benefits.
It comprises ancient recovery techniques, commercial opportunities, psychological motivations and well-being also provides artificial sexual selection system and supporting during the crisis (Sosis & Alcorta, 2003).
It is not the pertinent method that tries to examine ancient religions from the standpoint of contemporary institutional religions. In the old times, different kinds of innovative actions, investigations and explanations of nature work together and combine under the same roof of religion. Namely, ancient religions are not non-progressive or include close systems.
From my standpoint, “invention of the religion” is not the right notion for its nomenclature. Its bureaucracy, systematic restrictions and punishments invented by human but it emerged plainly in right circumstances. As stated above, religion emerged in Africa by the fire-tamer homo erectus (not mentioned gheber ghebre or Zoroastrianism).
Human is full of love like other mammal relatives. Mammal characteristics such as “Parental investment” and specific version of “Family” notions are proof of passionate love. We created different type of bonds with nature and survived by the aid of these bonds. Same love and gratefulness projected by human toward the Fire. Fire has heat, protection even charisma at the same time destructiveness. Normally, Fire perceived by other animals as blaze but human revealed or re-created its existence different from destructiveness. Fire positioned in the center of the daily human life and it had been a god for early humans.
Maybe the most important aspect of this mysterious emergence is that “Ritualized Signals” acts. Ritualized signals are uncommon sounds or gestures for mating or emergency signals etc. applied by nearly all kinds of mammals. Mammal’s heritage also used effectively by descendant humans it has also come to existence in religious rituals (Sosis & Alcorta, 2003).
Sosis and Alcorta (2003) also stated the ethologists argument that religious rituals are collective actions and collectiveness provide harmony and stability. And they speculated that, not all the early-human clans consist of religious structure but nature selected religious ones.
Paleolithic Fire Religion -as a hypothesis- shaped rituals throughout its age. Through the ritual knowledge, sagacity, virtue transmitted by fire-worshipers to human neighbors and their offspring's. Even go beyond the hypothesis, religious rituals...

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