Alternative Medicine: The Junk Science Essay

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Alternative medicines are widely used around the world and are becoming more controversial each day. Alternative medicines are considered in the eyes of some doctors as “junk science”. Not only do they see the medicines as “junk science” but they also fear that the medicines can potentially be very dangerous. “Junk science” according to is “faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special interests and hidden agendas”. In other words, “junk science” practicing or studying something without scientific evidence or without scientific evidence of the study. In the eyes of some doctors there is no such thing as alternative medicine; they are just therapeutic treatments that can be potentially dangerous. Doctors believe that the alternative medicines can be potentially dangerous due to the lack of scientific evidence. Because there is no scientific evidence, they don’t know the full potential of the treatment, they don’t know the long term effects nor do they know if the treatments can open doors to other sicknesses or bacteria. And eventually you will be stuck with a sickness that’s worse than the reason you’re taking the medicine in the first place.
Along with alternative medicines there are also complementary medicines. According to Complementary medicine is an alternative medicine used together with conventional medical treatment in a belief, not proven by scientific methods that “complement the treatment”. Complementary medicines are basically the sidekick to the conventional medicines, they help the conventional medicines work to the best of its ability think of it as Batman and Robin kind of concept. The complementary medicine is there to help the conventional medicines in the areas they lack. A form of complementary medicines is mind and body practices, which include acupuncture, massage therapy, most meditation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, or transcendental meditation, movement therapies such as Pilates etc., relaxation techniques, spinal manipulation, tai chi and qi gong , healing touch, and hypnotherapy (complementary alternative).
There are many different types and forms of alternative medicine some more complex than others. Hydrolats (also known as hydrosols) is a form of aromatherapy used to relax the mind and body. Hydrolats are formed from flowers stems which are where the therapeutic aroma. According to, most of the hydrolats are produced by a process called steam distillation. For example you round up a few bouquets of rose stems and you set it in a machine that will take make steam that will pass through the stems and in the process take the good and therapeutic oils. As the steam condenses and cools down it is turned back into therapeutic plant chemical filled water. There are two different kinds of this oil, hydrophilic which dissolves in the water and hydrophobic hydro meaning water and phobic meaning scared of or dislike, in other words it...

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