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Alternative Medicine Essay

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As one Bulgarian proverb says, "Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians". Nowadays more and more people choose to be treated by methods that are not based on Western systematic techniques that are the knowledge and practice of medicine which is usual in the West. These methods are known as “Alternative medicine”, which consists of homeopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic medicine and others. Chinese medicine is also progressively more accepted. Alternative way of treatment has verified its efficiency and is methodically founded, but unfortunately has its little disadvantages and a need scientific base and its results are not always reliable and steady. For this reason alternative medicine is not generally available in all countries, and people have to pay for their individual treatment. Whereas some people consider it an ambiguity and do not dare try it because they consider it might be quite dangerous or insecure, some others just think about it as nonsense and pay little or no attention to it. People who feel anxious or doubtful of it claim that if its medicines really worked, then appropriate doctors would use it. Nevertheless, since the early 1980s alternative medicine has become increasingly popular, and although it is not officially accepted by the medical profession, some doctors do accept that such methods can be effective in treating some types of illnesses. Moreover, usual medicine has its boundaries, since some illnesses are untreatable and some others which are caused by mental troubles cannot be cured by its methods. In distinction, alternative way of treatment can be efficient in various circumstances and there is a common approval that its methods can be valuable and advantageous. If people have not found a solution to their problems in conventional medicine, then they soon turn to alternative medicine and at the same time, they are achieving and successful results, for instance, as is the case with hypnotherapy which has facilitated many people in defeating problems such as insomnia, stress-related confusion, smoking and alcohol habits, an allergic reaction, various pains and aches. Additionally, people who are well-disposed of alternative medicine argue that it is excellent because it is natural. But not all the people who have attempted alternative medicine felt excited and passionate about it from the start. On the opposing, many of them have doubts about it and felt anxious or disbeliever, and after their practice and some experience they changed their mind and were satisfied with it as they became aware of a development in their situation. On the other hand, in other cases, people who lacked inspiration in experiencing such treatments and were not capable to take them critically, found them unsuccessful and felt skeptical or even angry after their experience. This reflects that most likely inspiration and conviction on the part of people play a significant part in the outcomes of alternative...

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