Alternative Medicine: A Worthy Experiment For Hippies And Desperados

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Alternative medicine has long been scoffed at by the mainstream medical community. People who use it, or at least believe in its benefits, are termed “wacky.” Physicians even go so far as to tell curious patients not to bother with the alternative “insanity,” claiming only hippies and desperados use it. Doctors are trusted daily with the lives of their patients, and if a doctor insists on a specific treatment, and advises against another, patients will be more than likely to do as they are told. But if a natural therapy has a positive effect on disease, then why not use it? Why not keep patients informed on all fronts: offer the details on every treatment that has shown promise, whether it pads the pharmaceutical companies’ pockets or not.
Many tests and laboratory experiments on alternative medicines based on animal venom and plants have shown promise. Some have even prevented the spread of cancer cells, or become pain killers. And that is not even the best part: natural therapies are not loaded with the chemicals so common in mainstream medicine, thus making them safer. Yet these results are stifled by the medical community, which is not only unethical, but it is potentially dangerous for those battling disease. In some cases, the pharmaceutical owned medical community goes so far as to sue or debase physicians who practice alternative medicine, thereby keeping their clientele safely in their grasp. Lives are being played with and new ideas are being stifled: in the United States. Other nations- European, Asian, and Australian- are practicing and discovering the merits of alternative medicine. Yet the nation so proud of its freedoms is shutting down research on treatments which may save lives- all for money. Because natural cures are often impossible to replicate chemically, pharmaceutical companies can make no money off them. This is wrong, and ought to be changed. And so, despite controversy from the medical community, venomous cures and those derived from plants should be offered to patients if they have been tested and deemed worthy alternative treatments.
Turmeric- a common Indian spice made by grinding down the roots of a plant- is one of those treatments. For years, it has been used successfully in India as both a medicine and a spice for food. In research, it has shown promise fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s disease ( Perhaps its popular usage has lent to India’s low number of cancer patients- far lower than in western nations, where the people are less exposed to harmful toxins. So what is it about this plant that likely lessens cancer rates (Servan-Schreiber, 104-06)?
In order to answer that question, one must first define a cancer. In laymen’s terms, it is simply a compounding of defective cells made by the human body; these take root and make more defective cells- faster and faster. These cells then form tumors, and if the tumor is malignant- unhealthy- then the body is at great risk, and the more tumors...

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