Alternative Views Of Origin Of Life (Different Cultures)

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•Discuss the ways in which developments in scientific knowledge may conflict with the ideas about the origins of life developed by different cultures:Different cultures and religious in the world have their own ideas about life, it maybe quite different to the scientific evidenceIn biblical creationism different organisms were made for specialised environments at the same time, the organisms that were created have not changed nor are they related.­Science: Evolution; all organisms are constantly changing, not created, but evolved.­Christians: They believe in Biblical creationism; all organisms created as they are by God, no change over time­Chinese: Believe the first organism was P'an Ku, who evolved in a giant cosmic egg. All elements of the universe were in the egg, all mixed. In the egg, he separated the opposites, then 18,000 years later the egg hatched, and P'an Ku died from the effort of creation.­Aboriginals: Dreamtime; great supernatural beings existed in the dreamtime and created the Earth and everything in it­Greek: Aristotle's ideas that the whole universe had a hierarchy and that it started from rocks, up through plants and animals, to humans, and finally to God.­Romans: Lucretius, a Roman philosopher believed there was no God, because the universe was so imperfect. It was made of particles all squeezing together.­As you can see, science contradicts with the belief of many people.Conflicts with different culturesDifferent cultures and religious in the world have their own ideas about life, it maybe quite different to the scientific evidence.¬In biblical creationism different organisms were made for specialised environments at the same time, the organisms that were created have not changed...

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