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Alternatives For Acrylic Nails Consumers Essay

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Alternatives for Acrylic Nails Consumers
During the past few years the concept of acrylic nails have become a big industry across the world. Occupying an important part especially in females. The obsessive search for beautification has led to the use of cosmetics as a way of encountering that perfect appearance. Although that perfect appearance may result at a high price. Acrylic nails consumers rarely are aware of the consequences of the use of highly harmful chemicals contained by artificial nails. Women are not aware of the great health complications all chemicals contained in acrylic nails performed when used.
Artificial nails are used to improve the aspect of natural nails and help disguise unpleasant appearance of them. In occasions the length of the natural nails is not the desired one, in return the person is no longer forced to walk around with nails in that condition. This is one of the reason why many clients rather use acrylic nails regardless of their side effects and health complications they implicate. Woman has been wearing nail extensions since the Egyptian times and back then they had a completely different meaning to what they now. Wearing nail extensions from bone, ivory and gold, Egyptian women used them as a sign of status and wealth. Artificial nails are very popular today, but they also were in the early 19th century in Greece, many upper- class women wore empty pistachio shells over their nails, slowly spreading the artificial trend in Europe. Fred Slack was a dentist, in 1954 that damaged his finger nail while working. He used material that he had in is clinic, a piece of solid foil to cover his nail and then put a layer of restorative substance over the top. He was amazed at the
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result and found that not only did it look really good; the pain he had been experiencing disappeared. Along with his brother Tom, Fred experimented with different mixes of Monomer liquid and Polymer powder, acrylic compositions that could be used to create nails. The mixture was applied onto and over the natural nail and then by extending it out the nail could be lengthened. Once it had become hard the acrylic nail and nail tips could then be filed into shape. The product was patented and he formed the first nail company, Patti Nails. The product he invented helped to strengthen nails as well as extending them. The look of the nail was improved by coloring the product so that it looked like the color of skin or teeth. These nails became known as acrylic artificial nails. It proved to be very popular and the nail industry has not looked back since. Like our skin, nails are porous, absorbing chemicals and compounds right into them. Each time acrylic nails are applied, women are exposed to chemicals put directly on the nail beds and skin. Local salon owner, Erin Dawson of Inspirations Salon states, “Acrylic nails contain harmful chemicals that enter your blood stream every time you have your nails done”. These chemicals,...

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