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Alternatives Of Effective Drug Delivery To The Brain

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The development of drug carrier and delivery systems to increase delivery to the brain has been and continues to be the subject of much research efforts. Most approaches utilized to enhance delivery of the drug to the brain focused on circumventing one major obstacle: the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The blood-brain barrier is primarily composed of brain capillary endothelial cells and is a highly selective barrier for both endogenous and exogenous substances (Lai et al., 2013). In fact, about 98% of small molecule drugs and almost 100% of macromolecules cannot pass the blood-brain barrier (Orive et al., 2009). Despite this, certain endogenous nutrients such as transferrin and insulin are able to cross the blood-brain barrier due to the presence of transferrin receptors (TfR) and insulin receptors (IR) at the barrier, respectively (Gaillard et al., 2012). Liposomes have conventionally been used to improve drug delivery due to its ability to encapsulate drug molecules either into its aqueous inner core or the lipid bilayer. Another method of enhancing drug delivery is through the targeting approach, in which the drug entity is modified with a peptide, protein, or antibody that would enable targeting to a cell surface receptor that is expressed at the blood-brain barrier (Orive et al., 2009). Thus, a targeting approach involving the receptors expressed at the blood-brain barrier and liposomes could potentially increase the accessibility of drug across the barrier and into the brain parenchyma. The use of the anti-transferrin receptor monoclonal antibody (mAb) OX26-conjugated immunoliposomes and the transferrin-conjugated liposomes have been extensively studied and evaluated as potential delivery systems to enhance drug accessibility to the brain.
As previously stated, the highly selective nature of the blood-brain barrier allows for neuro-protection from xenobiotics and the regulation of homeostasis (Lai et al., 2013). The blood-brain barrier has three layers of protection: physical barrier, transport barrier, and metabolic barrier (Gaillard et al., 2012). The physical barrier is due to the presence of tight junctions amongst the capillary endothelial cells which may hamper paracellular transport of substances across the blood-brain barrier (Lai et al., 2013). The transport barrier consists of mechanisms of transport that regulate the influx or efflux trafficking of various substances (Gaillard et al., 2012). Finally, the metabolic barrier is poised with metabolizing enzymes located in the CNS endothelial cells that may prevent transcellular transport (Lai et al., 2013). Despite the restrictive nature of the blood-brain barrier, a variety of molecules and nutrients have the ability to be transported into the brain through a variety of transport mechanisms. These mechanisms include transcellular diffusion, paracellular diffusion, carrier-mediated transport, receptor-mediated transcytosis, cell-mediated transcytosis, efflux pumps and...

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